Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Services in Austin, TX

So you’ve just finished building your new wine cellar–or so you think. Storing your valuable wine in an unventilated, humid room won’t protect your wine. You need a wine cellar cooling unit to keep your valuable wine fresh. Wine can be affected by exposure to light, air quality, temperature and fluctuations, and humidity and fluctuations. With a wine cellar cooling unit in Austin, TX, you can ensure the quality of your wine for years to come.

Our team at Schneider Mechanical has years of experience working with wine cellars, wine cabinets, and local manufacturers, allowing us to learn the details that make for an ideal wine cellar, including proper humidity and temperature. Contact us today at (512) 645-1415 for more information about our wine cellar cooling services in Austin, TX. 

Wine Refrigerators VS Wine Cooling Systems

Wine cellar cooling units should not be confused with standard wine refrigerators. A wine cellar refrigeration cooling unit is more like an air conditioning unit for your wine’s storage space. AC units, however, are not a substitute for a wine-cellar-specific cooling unit. Standard AC units heat up and cool down too quickly, disrupting the preferred wine aging process, which requires cooling at a slower pace. 

How A Wine Cellar Refrigeration Cooling System Works

The components of a wine cellar cooling system are made with the intention of ensuring the best, most stable environment for your wine. 


The compressor draws in a low-pressure, low-temperature gas from the evaporator coil. Next, the compressor “compresses” the gas into a high-pressure, high-temperature gas before pushing it into the condenser. 


After the condenser pulls in the high-pressure, high-temperature gas from the compressor, it moves the gas across the evaporator coil to remove some of the heat from the gas, cooling it down. The condenser has now transformed this gas into a high-pressure, warm liquid.


Now that the gas is a high-pressure, moderate-temperature liquid, the metering device transforms the liquid into a low-pressure, low-temperature liquid. The meter then extracts the heat from the liquid to be sucked up into the evaporator coils. 

Evaporator Coils

Once the evaporator draws in the heat from the liquid, it sends it to the compressor, restarting the process.

In short, the evaporator coil pushes cold air into your home’s wine cellar and extracts the cold air. The hot air is taken away at the top of your cellar, whereas the cold air is pushed in at the bottom. 

Benefits of a Wine Cellar Cooling System in Austin, TX

Stable Temperature

A wine cooling unit is specifically designed to keep your wine cellar at an ideal temperature of 55 to 60 degrees (depending on the type of wine) with a humidity of 50 to 70 percent. Using a wine cellar cooling system can keep the humidity and temperature consistent. 

Unstable, fluctuating temperatures cause the chemicals in wine to contract and expand at higher frequencies than they should, resulting in early souring. Once our experienced HVAC technicians install your wine cellar cooling unit, the probability of your wine spoiling prematurely is greatly reduced.

Prevents Incompatible Temperature

When you don’t have or use a quality wine cellar cooling system, it’s highly likely the temperature in the cellar will fluctuate outside of desired temperature ranges throughout the seasons and even from day to night. High temperatures may create excessive pressure inside your wine bottles. Over time, excessive pressure can cause your wine to leak out. If the temperature suddenly drops, air pressure pulls air into the bottles. This process disrupts the flavor of your wine. 

Taste Preservation 

A cooling unit installation is the best way to preserve the delicious taste of your wine. A wine cellar cooling system reduces the chances of bacteria buildup beneath your corks. Having Schneider Mechanical install a cooling system also ensures your wine cellar has the right humidity levels (between 50 and 70 percent).

Maintain Ideal Environment

Other advantages to a wine cellar cooling system installation? They stop your corks from cracking and your labels from molding and keep your cellar between 55 and 60 degrees year-round, regardless of outside weather conditions.

Types Of Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

Schneider Mechanical installs all types of wine cellars and refrigeration cooling units to suit your preference and needs.

Ducted Cooling System

A Ducted Cooling System stores all components in one device. It is fully ducted, which means it’s designed to cool the entire storage space. We can install this system inside or outside your cellar, offering you flexibility. Some choose to install their cooling system outside because it mitigates noise pollution.

Split Cooling System

A Split Cooling System varies from the ducted cooling system because the evaporator and condenser must be connected by two lines: the insulated liquid line and the suction line. This system can be installed on the wall, ceiling, or floor. 

Self-Contained Cooling System

A self-contained cooling system stores all its components inside one device. This system is great because it doesn’t require drainage and is flexible in the installation process. 

Signs You Need A New Wine Cellar Cooling System


If you notice mold on or around your wine bottles, corks, or shelves, you need a wine cellar cooling system. Not only is this bad for your wine’s quality, but it’s also bad for your health. You may also have mold if you can smell a stale, damp, or musty odor. If mold is present, the humidity in your cellar is not desirable for optimal wine production.

Cracked Corks

Your corks have cracks. If your corks are cracking, your cellar is too dry. Dry cellars eventually ruin the taste of your wine.

Poor Humidity Or Temperature

If your cellar is too hot (61 degrees or above) or too cold (52 degrees or below), or if its humidity is too high, this is a sign you need wine cellar cooling system repairs in Austin, TX. 

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Services In Austin, TX

If you’re uncertain whether your current wine cellar cooling system is inadequate or needs repair, or if you’d like a cooling system installation, trust the hvac service professionals at Schneider Mechanical to provide exceptional service. The taste of your wine is just as important to us as it is to you. To preserve your wine’s delicious taste, call us at (512) 643-6345 or contact us here for wine cellar cooling system installation and repairs in Austin, TX.

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