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If you run a business or own a commercial space, you know there are more nuances and intricacies of good business practices than you can name. One of these is to provide a comfortable environment for your employees and customers. This means keeping your business warm and inviting on cold days. Unfortunately, heating issues can keep customers away or reduce the amount of time they shop in your store. Luckily, Schneider Mechanical provides quality commercial heating services in Austin, TX. If your heating system is having trouble, contact our team of HVAC professionals at (512) 613-6345 for commercial heating services today. 

Types Of Commercial Heating Units

Whether you own a warehouse, retail store, duplex, or hotel, providing a commercial heating unit is essential. There are three main types of commercial heating systems, including furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps. Choosing the proper commercial heating system for your business will be determined by your space, business needs, and personal preferences. Our team will be able to offer you professional advice on the best type of heating system for you. 


Furnaces are “forced air” heating systems. They pull in air, heat up the air, and then blast it throughout your building (“forcing air” to heat your building). Furnaces can run on gas, oil, or propane. 

The great thing about furnaces is that they work quickly to heat the room and are compatible with most standard central AC systems. However, it’s important to schedule regular maintenance for your furnace with our team to prevent any issues, such as the release of carbon monoxide into the air.  

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps will take the heat from nearby areas, including the natural heat expelled from the ground or wasted by factories, and repurpose it to keep your building warm.

A big reason why people choose heating pumps is that the air is cleaner and better for your health. However, they are known to freeze up in cold weather and should be serviced by a professional on a regular basis. 

Indications Your Heating System Needs Repair

Schneider Mechanical’s commercial heating technicians specialize in diagnosing issues with your heating system and deciding whether it needs repair or replacement. It’s critical to recognize the signals that your heating system needs repair so that you can get it fixed quickly and avoid more damage and unexpected costs. 

Overworked System

Let’s face it, most commercial buildings keep their heating unit running day and night, which can be hard on your heating system. Whether you use a furnace, boiler, or heat pump, your system is vulnerable to breaking down sooner if it’s overworked. 

A furnace in a commercial building can be overworked when the building doesn’t have a set temperature. It’s common for commercial buildings to have multiple thermostats, which allow for various rooms and levels of the building to be temperatures. However, inconsistent temperatures throughout the building force the furnace to work harder to meet the needs of the different spaces. For example, one heating unit must expel enough energy to stabilize a room that’s 67 degrees and another that’s 74 degrees. This can lead to working your unit into overdrive. 

Poor Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your commercial building’s heating system is essential to its efficiency and health. Without it, dirt and dust can build up, and minor system issues can worsen. When poor maintenance stops your heating from running properly, the system continues to run to compensate for its own inefficiencies. This can lead to higher power bills and an uncomfortable work environment. Minor issues can even progress into such a state that you put your heating system in disrepair. You can prevent major breakdowns by contacting us today to schedule your commercial heating maintenance in Austin, TX. 

Poor Installation

Unfortunately, some heating unit contractors do not have enough experience to install heating systems, resulting in poor installations. A poorly installed heating unit can lead to higher power bills, inefficient temperatures, and even health and safety risks such as poor air quality, carbon monoxide poisoning, and electrical fires. 

Don’t trust just any business with commercial heater installation services in Austin, TX; call Schneider Mechanical. When looking for a business you can trust, look for stellar reviews, competitive pricing, and 5-star customer service. You can find that and more when you choose Schneider Mechanical. 

Signs You Need Heater Installation Services in Austin, TX

While our team will do all we can to repair your heating system, there comes a time when it would be more cost-effective to install a whole new unit. Here are several warning indications that your unit may need to be replaced: 

Unusually Loud Noise

Heaters for commercial businesses can be loud in general. Furnaces are particularly noisy. But there’s a marked difference between the normal noise level of commercial heating units and noises that are out of the ordinary. If you’ve noticed the heating system is louder than normal, continues to become louder over time, or makes knocking or rattling sounds, it’s probably because you need a new unit installed.

Your Building Is Too Hot Or Too Cold

If you’ve noticed that your unit is not heating consistently throughout the building, leaving some areas too hot and others too cold, there may be an issue with your unit. 

Strange Smells Throughout the Building

Have your clients or employees complained about bad smells recently? Do you smell gas or oil in your building? Is there a pungent odor you can’t seem to get rid of in your office? If you answered yes to any of these, that’s cause for concern, and you should contact our team as soon as possible. 

Schneider Mechanical For Commercial Heating Services In Austin, TX

Understanding the issue with your commercial building’s current heating system requires unique training, so you shouldn’t try to figure out the root of the problem on your own; contact Schneider Mechanical. We have been providing excellent services since 2009, allowing us to build a wealth of experience in the industry. Your business is important to you; that’s why you need high-quality services you can trust. Call Schneider Mechanical today or contact them here for professional commercial heating unit services in Austin, TX. 

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