AC Repair & Air Conditioner Installation Services in Austin, TX

We count on our AC to welcome us with fresh, cool air when we arrive home each day and to keep us comfortable throughout the night. So when it breaks down, you need a repair company you can trust to fix your AC quickly and correctly. The HVAC service professionals at Schneider Mechanical provide residential AC services in Austin, TX, which you can trust. With over 23 years in the industry, our experts are skilled in diagnosing and repairing your AC problems efficiently so you can get back to enjoying a cool home. Contact us right away to book an appointment if you are having AC problems or need AC maintenance. 

Common Types Of AC Units

Schneider Mechanical can install a variety of air conditioning systems in your home. The most common AC units to have are portable AC, window AC, and central AC. 

Portable AC units work just like they sound by moving them from room to room. Window AC units are installed in your windows and cool a room by removing hot air and pushing in cool air. Using a window AC system requires you to keep your window open (or up), so the hot air can filter out. However, they are installed securely and safely to ensure there are no gaps or openings between your window and the outside. 

Central AC units are one of the most common and are often used in congruence with the other types of units to prevent overworking your central AC unit. They operate by pushing cooler air through air vents throughout your home.  

Do You Need Maintenance or a Replacement?

It’s always good to be proactive. After you schedule an appointment with us, our skilled team of repair technicians will assess your air conditioning unit problems and plan the next steps. In some cases, your AC unit will only need routine maintenance or repairs. However, it may be more efficient and cost-effective to replace the unit if the damage is extensive. Whether you need residential AC repairs or replacements in Austin, TX, our team is prepared to serve you. 

Our Maintenance Services

It’s advisable to schedule AC maintenance regularly to prevent issues with your system. Regular checkups can stop a problem before it starts and prevent costly repairs down the line. Additionally, routine maintenance may keep your unit running efficiently. A unit that runs efficiently will likely have an extended lifespan, saving you money. Regular maintenance also reduces the chances of your AC system breaking down too soon.

Air Filters & Ducts

The most common routine maintenance for an AC unit includes replacing the air filter and cleaning the air ducts. This simple service can provide your home with cleaner air, which is better for the health and wellness of you and your family. If you or a family member has been experiencing allergies in your home, it may be time to have your air filter changed. 

Seasonal Changes

It’s also important to request maintenance throughout the seasons. Extreme weather conditions increase the likelihood of your AC clunking out sooner than it should. Moreover, maintenance makes your home fitter to handle sudden weather changes. When your AC hasn’t been running during the colder months, and it is suddenly being used more frequently upon the arrival of spring, this can be hard on your system. It’s important to get routine maintenance at the start of a new season. 

Schneider Mechanical provides routine residential AC services in Austin, TX. We provide thorough inspections of your equipment and keep you updated on any necessary repairs. Ensure that your AC runs smoothly all year long.

Reasons For Replacement

Bear in mind nothing lasts forever, no matter how thorough a team you hire or how high-quality the materials used. Replacements are necessary. Getting a new AC unit can mean better efficiency, meaning a more comfortable home, and lower power bills. 

When mulling over whether you should get a new air conditioning system, speak with our professionals. They will be able to advise you on the best choice for you. 

AC units typically last 10 to 15 years. If yours is nearing the 15-year mark or older, it may be time to get a new one. Units may also see a shorter lifespan if they were installed poorly or are of poor quality. In addition, lack of maintenance can be a reason why your AC system has gone bad.

Signs You Need A New AC Unit 

You may need a new residential AC unit installed by Schneider Mechanical if you’re experiencing one or more of the following: 

  • • Unusually high electricity bills. 
  • • It’s inefficient
  • • It won’t stop or start running
  • • It makes loud, clunky noises
  • • The air doesn’t feel cool

If you notice any of these issues, contact our team today for residential AC services in Austin, TX. Neglecting AC repairs can lead to more costly repairs and a complete breakdown of your system. 

Tips To Keep Your AC Unit Running Smoothly

Schedule Regular Checkups

Homeowners can get their AC units to last longer by scheduling regular tune-ups with Schneider Mechanical. Changing out the air filter further aids in getting your AC unit to last longer than it would otherwise. We’ll also check the outside AC unit too. Remembering to assess the outside unit is equally critical to having your AC unit have a longer life. 

Use Alternatives To Keep Your House Cool 

Instead of keeping your AC running lower, try a few alternatives. Switch to using a fan to help it feel cooler. Close blinds or shades, especially on the sunrise and sunset side of the house.. Whenever you’re leaving, don’t forget to turn the AC up. If you follow these steps, you may avoid frequent problems with your air conditioning system.

Schneider Mechanical Repairs And Installs Residential AC Units In Austin, TX

Life is too short to let problems with your air conditioner make you miserable. Let our crew assess your home’s AC unit and figure out the next best steps. We’re certain you won’t be disappointed when you hire us. Call us today at (512) 643-6345 or contact us here for residential AC services in Austin, TX. 

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