Duct tape is the solution for nearly everything in the South, and can take care of a lot of problems. That said, is it effective if you have a leak in your duct work? As Austin air conditioning professionals we can say that while it may be a good temporary solution, it is NOT a permanent solution if you have leaky air ducts.

Because the air ducts are what deliver heated or cooled air to your home, a leak can result in loss of comfort in your indoor spaces and higher energy costs. When you suspect you have a leak in the ducts, it’s important to have professionals address the issue right away. Proper duct sealing will resolve the issue, which can result in a loss of nearly a third of the conditioned air that moves through the system if not repaired right away!

So why isn’t duct tape a good solution to duct leaks? This do-it-all tape is backed using duck cloth, and was actually originally called “duck tape” rather than “duct tape” when it first came out during the First World War because it made people think of the way water rolls off a duck due to its water resistance. To make a long story short, duct tape doesn’t respond well to variations in temperature, heat and humidity, which is why it isn’t a good idea when it comes to repairing duct leaks. After a few weeks it becomes brittle and loses its adhesive properties, so you’re left with leaky air ducts – again.

Our Austin HVAC pros know how to seal ducts permanently, so that you enjoy a comfortable home and the lowest possible energy costs. In most cases a metallic tape or mastic sealant is effective and ensures airtight ducts, however it’s important that all potential leaks are located in order to do the job right. Depending on where ducts are located, it’s often difficult for homeowners to even access them in the first place.

At Schneider Mechanical we LOVE duct tape for many things, but not for sealing leaky air ducts! When you suspect your duct work may have issues after noticing any strange noises that seem to be coming from the ducts, contact our central Texas air conditioning professionals right away. No need to suffer through an uncomfortable home and sky-high utility bills!