When you live in Austin or anywhere in Central Texas you expect summer months to be brutally hot – but that doesn’t make it any easier! How can you keep your cool and hold energy costs to a manageable level when temperatures and humidity soar? Our Austin air conditioning professionals have a few tips.

First, know that energy generates heat. From lights and small appliances to electronic devices and the stove/oven, all of these things create more heat in your home. Stick to the natural light that comes in and turn off lamps or overhead lights. If you’re not using the coffee pot, toaster or other appliances or electronics, unplug them. You would be surprised how much heat is produced by anything that’s plugged into an outlet!

Use those fans. Whether a pedestal, box or ceiling fan, fans move the air around and circulate the cool air. You may even want to put a bowl of ice in front of a fan where you’re sitting to enjoy a cooling mist.

Know how to dress cooler. Light weight materials like cotton are ideal when the weather is hot, and light colors are better than dark colors that absorb heat. While shorts are cooler than jeans or long pants, a skirt is an even cooler choice for women. Stick to breathable materials and avoid silky, slick or synthetic fabrics that make you even warmer.

Drink lots of water. Even indoors, a cold drink of water can be refreshing. Pop those water bottles into the freezer for 30 minutes or so and you’ll enjoy its cooling effects more than water straight from the tap.

It may sound crazy, but stick your bed linens in the freezer. Imagine super-cool sheets and pillow cases when you lay your head down for the night. While it won’t last all night, you’ll enjoy the coolness for a while, long enough to rock you off to sleep. Stick sheets and pillow cases in a plastic bag, then put them in a freezer for a few minutes before it’s time to turn in.

Choose loose clothing for sleeping. Whether a t-shirt or jammies, choose cotton materials that are loose fitting and those designed to wick away the sweat.

Apply a cold washcloth or ice packs to pulse points. You’ll cool down immediately when you use cold compresses on your neck, wrists, behind your knees or any other pulse points.

There are lots of ways to cool down when temperatures are brutal without turning the A/C down to 65 degrees, which really isn’t efficient when temperatures feel like 105 or 110. While the tips above will help you keep cool during the hot weather we face during the summer months, it’s also important to have your air conditioning system checked to be sure everything is functioning properly and your equipment is the right size for your home.

For all of your home comfort needs, count on the Austin HVAC professionals at Schneider Mechanical. Your comfort is our top priority.