Most homeowners in Austin and surrounding areas in Central Texas don’t need to heat or cool every room of their homes 24/7. Wouldn’t it be great if you could enjoy heated or cooled air only in the areas where you need it, and save on energy costs? A zoning system is just the solution if you would enjoy controlling the temperature and comfort in specific areas or rooms in your home. If you have a central heat and air system that’s ducted, you can benefit from a zoning system!

How it works

Each zone has its own thermostat so you can control the temperatures in those specific zones. Perhaps your kids like a warmer bedroom while you prefer it a bit cooler in your own room. Dampers are installed to the duct work you already have with your current system, which open and close depending on the thermostat settings for the specific zoned areas.


While we’ve already mentioned controlling the temperature in various rooms or “zones” in your home along with money savings, there are other benefits of a zoned system as well. If you have a two-story home and prefer not to heat or cool the upstairs area, you save energy by not heating/cooling the entire upstairs. Many homeowners have guest rooms or bedrooms that aren’t used but once or twice a year when family or friends come to visit over the holidays. You’re in complete control with a zoning system, so you can turn off the heat and air to rooms that go unused for months on end. While everyone likes to save money without compromising on comfort, you’re doing your part to conserve energy.

If you have a single thermostat that controls your entire home as most people do, it simply isn’t possible to enjoy consistent, comfortable temperatures throughout your Austin home. Maybe you experience hot and cold spots, or rooms that are more comfortable than others. With a zoned HVAC system you’re in complete control of your comfort!

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