If you are one of the many homeowners in Central Texas who can’t remember the last time your HVAC system’s ductwork was inspected, there are some very good reasons to have it done now.  Even if you had the ductwork inspected four or five years ago, it’s time to have an Austin HVAC technician check everything out again.  Here’s why!

The ductwork (air ducts) should be professionally inspected every three years, and more often if there are family members who suffer from respiratory issues.

What exactly does the ductwork do?  Primarily the ductwork delivers heated or cooled air into your home, but it also removes air from your indoor spaces; think of it as a complete air circulation system.  So, why have the ductwork inspected regularly?  There are several reasons, including:

Mold.  Mold may be present inside of the ductwork and can pose health problems if left unchecked.  Have you noticed an odor that reminds you of dirty socks when your HVAC system is in use?  It could mean mold is lurking in the ductwork.  Not good.

Build-up of dust, pollen, dirt, and other debris.  Not only does the presence of any dust, pollen, or other particles contribute to poor indoor air quality, it can result in a less efficient HVAC system.  Your comfort can be compromised when ducts become clogged, and your system will work harder to compensate – meaning more wear and tear.

Higher utility bills.  We think energy bills are high enough, however dirty ductwork and clogs contribute to higher utility costs simply because of what we mentioned above; your system works overtime in an effort to keep your home at the desired temperature.

The dust in your home accumulates fast.  Have you ever dusted your furniture or wood floors only to find they have a layer of dust again in just a couple of days?  Yep, that is likely due to ductwork that’s dusty and dirty.  Not a huge deal, but it isn’t really good for your respiratory system – and no one enjoys dusting every other day!

These are a few reasons you should consider having your ductwork inspected on a regular basis.  Most people never even think about the system of ducts that are responsible for providing comfort in their homes; after all, out of sight, out of mind.

At Schneider Mechanical our goal is to help you enjoy greater home comfort, fresh indoor air, and lower utility costs.  For all of your Austin heating and cooling needs, count on our team of dedicated professionals to go beyond your expectations!