Most homeowners in central Texas want to keep their homes as clean and germ-free as possible, however it’s become more important now than ever before given the current crisis. Having UV lights installed in your HVAC system may be something you never considered, but our Austin heating and AC experts want to explain why you should. We want you to enjoy a comfortable, healthy home!

Reducing mold, germs, and viruses in your home helps you stay well. Even if you suffer from seasonal allergies or other issues that aren’t too serious, it’s a good idea to keep bacteria and allergens to a minimum. Even if you’re the best housekeeper, the air that circulates through your HVAC system can contain contaminants you don’t want coming into your home. This is why you should think about having UV lights installed; there are other benefits as well.

When installed in your HVAC system, UV lights offer germicidal qualities which means they can destroy bacteria, mold, viruses, and germs. Essentially, a UV light makes it almost impossible for these things to replicate because the light breaks down their structure. While they are effective on their own, UV lights are a great addition to air filters with a high minimum efficiency rating value (MERV) rating. The air that circulates throughout your home will be purified, clean, and healthy. You enjoy better indoor air quality while reducing possible risks to your health.

UV lights can also save you money and extend the life of your HVAC system as they help boost its efficiency while protecting the components from mold, bacteria, and other debris. When your equipment is clean, it lasts longer. Simple!

If you haven’t thought about adding UV lights to your heating and cooling system, now is the time. Protect your family and breathe clean, healthy air by properly maintaining your HVAC system and having UV lights installed. Give our Austin AC installation and repair technicians a call today, and make your home a safe haven for your family.