Furnaces are the traditional choice of many homeowners in Central Texas, and with winter coming on you may be wondering about the differences between heat pumps and furnaces.  Is one better than the other, and how do you know which is the best choice for your needs?  Whether your old furnace is on its last leg or you’re just curious our Austin heating professionals are happy to break it down for you.

If energy costs are a concern, heat pumps are highly efficient and can reduce energy consumption by as much as 40% according to the Department of Energy.  This means monthly energy bills will be substantially lower compared to heating your home with a furnace!

Furnaces are more common in Austin homes because they are affordable upfront and have been around longer than heat pumps so homeowners are more familiar with them.  Furnaces work well to heat your home, but utility bills will fluctuate wildly as the temperatures change outdoors.  Furnaces are a perfectly good choice for heating your home as long as fluctuating energy bills aren’t too much of a concern for you.

Heat pumps are hands down more energy efficient and work to both heat and cool your home depending on the season.  Considering temperatures in our region don’t get extremely cold during winter months, heat pumps are a great option.  In summer months, heat pumps transfer the heat inside your home to the outdoors.  While they are a little more costly upfront, heat pumps are great for energy savings or for those looking for environmentally-friendly solutions for comfort.  If you can save a ton on monthly energy bills, it helps offset the initial cost and you save money year after year.

Both are good options for heating your home depending on your budget and other factors.  There is more to consider including what’s best for your home, but our Austin heat and air experts are here to help!  Whether you have questions or need a new heating solution give Schneider Mechanical a call today.