Is the air conditioner in your Austin home 15 years old or older? While this fact on its own doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s time for your cooling system to go, it is a good indicator when combined with other factors. Our HVAC professionals know many homeowners wonder how old is too old, so we’ve included some helpful information below to help you decide if it’s time to consider replacement.

Is your system 15 years old or even older? An A/C system can last for longer than 15 years, however if you haven’t maintained it properly and it isn’t capable of cooling your home consistently, it’s time for a new one. Proper maintenance includes frequent changing of filters, having your equipment routinely inspected, lubrication of moving components, etc.

Your A/C just can’t get the job done. Despite everything you’ve tried, your home isn’t comfortable. Whether the temperature will never get cool enough or the air feels too humid or too dry, if you constantly battle an air conditioning system that is inefficient and needs repairs on a regular basis, it’s time for it to go.

You’re spending a small fortune on repair costs. It’s not unusual to need a repair every now and then, but when those repair costs start adding up to a significant amount of money or one or two repairs equals half or more of what you would spend to get an entirely new system, it makes more sense (and cents) to upgrade! Just good old common sense.

Your air conditioner uses R-22 refrigerant, and it has to be topped off every season. R-22 refrigerant has been phased out over the years; newer systems no longer use it due to the fact that on January 1, 2020 it will become illegal in terms of manufacturing or import into the U.S. Some homeowners find themselves having to call a technician to have R-22 “topped off” every summer, or even to have several pounds added. Not only is this expensive, it’s likely your system has a coolant leak. Considering the phase out deadline is just a year and a half away, time to start considering a new air conditioner.

At Schneider Mechanical we understand that replacing your A/C system can be costly – but it’s one of those things in life that eventually just has to be done. Why spend half of what a new system costs on repairs, and still not enjoy a comfortable home? Not to mention an inefficient, older cooling system costs more in terms of utilities each month. If you’re in the Austin area, give our HVAC experts a call today for unsurpassed products and service, and customer satisfaction.