There’s nothing worse than coming in after working outdoors in 90 degree heat only to find your AC has shut off because it became overheated.  When you live in central Texas you know the “feels like” temperature can rise to 105, 110 degrees or even worse in mid-summer!  Our Austin air conditioning pros have a few tips to help you avoid having your cooling system shut down at the worst possible time.

First, make sure to replace your AC filters regularly.  We’ve said this repeatedly, but the importance of changing your filters can’t be stressed enough!  When air filters are clogged with dust, pollen, pet dander and other debris, airflow to your entire system is blocked.  This means your air conditioner will have to work harder and run for extended periods of time in an effort to maintain your set temperature.  A filter that is super dirty and clogged will eventually result in overheating, which will trip the circuit breaker.  Change the air filter at least every couple of months, or consider getting a high quality filter that’s washable and reusable.

Check the refrigerant level.  Low refrigerant will result in your cooling system running constantly as it tries to cool your home.  You may think you can just “top it off,” but this is never a good idea.  Air conditioners must have a proper amount of refrigerant to operate efficiently, and if the refrigerant is low it could indicate a leak.  Refrigerant leaks should always be handled by a qualified HVAC professional who will drain any refrigerant that’s left in order to diagnose the issue and make the repair.

Make sure to take care of the outdoor unit.  Many homeowners in the Austin area forget their AC systems have two parts, the indoor unit and the outdoor unit.  We tend to check things out on the inside when the cooling system malfunctions, paying little mind to the box that sits outside.  Why is the outdoor unit so important?  It cools the hot refrigerant that comes through from the indoor unit so the entire system works efficiently.  The condenser coils on the outside unit can become extremely dirty and clogged with twigs, pine needles, leaves, grass clippings and more.  This can cause your system to overheat, so be sure to clear away debris regularly and clean the coils using a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle.  Spray the solution on the coils and let sit for a few minutes before spraying off with a water hose.

By doing these simple things you can greatly reduce the risk of your AC system overheating this summer while improving its efficiency.  More comfort AND money savings!  Take care of your HVAC system and it will take care of your family for years to come.

Have a problem with your cooling system that needs repair?  Time to have your equipment serviced to keep it in good running order?  At Schneider Mechanical our Austin HVAC experts are proud of our stellar reputation around the area.  Customer satisfaction and a job well done are our top priorities.  Give us a call today!