Ductwork is one component of your Austin heating and cooling system you don’t normally see – it’s usually located in the crawl space beneath a structure, or in the attic. Many homeowners aren’t even aware there are different types of ductwork, although it performs one of the most important tasks which is delivering heated or cooled air to your home. So what are the various types of ductwork, and why is it so important to your comfort?

The most common types of ductwork include rigid, flexible and insulated. What are the differences?

Flexible ductwork is made of plastic tubes that are flexible and wrapped using a wire frame with a plastic cover for insulation. Often one of the most affordable options, flexible ductwork is simple to install even in tight spaces and used in areas where rigid ductwork wouldn’t work. Its flexibility requires fewer joints and makes it possible to conform to oval or round connectors.

Rigid ductwork is known for its durability and resistance to potential damage caused by pests or collapse, however it’s more prone to air or other leaks because of the many joints that must be carefully sealed and taped. Rigid ductwork is manufactured using thin sheet metal, and a good choice for larger residential or business needs.

Insulation is essential for any type of ductwork because the materials it’s typically manufactured of is thin, which means it will absorb heat. Fiberglass is the most popular insulation material for insulating ductwork to help maintain comfortable temperatures, however another option that has become popular in recent years is reflex which is essentially reflective foil that reduces heat transfer across air space.

Leaks in ductwork can result in loss of conditioned air, compromised indoor comfort, and higher utility costs. Essentially a leak can result in the conditioned air you pay for going into the spaces you don’t need to cool or heat, such as the crawl space or attic.

Who knew there were so many options when it comes to ductwork? At Schneider Mechanical our HVAC professionals work with clients on a more personal level, helping you determine which type of ductwork is best for your comfort and budget needs. When it comes to heating and cooling in the Austin area, trust our team for outstanding results!