Most people who live in a two-story home know it’s not as easy to keep the upstairs cool as it is the downstairs area.  Even with air conditioning it sometimes feels warm or stuffy upstairs, making it less comfortable than the lower level of your home.  Hot air rises, and there is nothing you can do to change that.  That said, our Austin HVAC professionals have a few tips to help you enjoy greater comfort in your upstairs spaces.

Cover the windows.  An incredible amount of heat can come through windows when the blinds or drapes are open.  By closing the curtains or shades you will block the sunshine, keeping temperatures upstairs down a degree or two.

Limit use of kitchen appliances.  The oven and stove can generate a substantial amount of heat, which rises to the upstairs level of your home.  Try to create dishes that don’t require any (or much) cooking time, grill outdoors, or use the stove/oven early in the morning.  Using the clothes dryer also generates heat, so do laundry early in the morning or hang clothes outdoors to dry.

Turn off the lights in rooms you aren’t using.  Light bulbs generate more heat than you might think, even LED, CFL and other energy-efficient types.  Turn out all lights in rooms no one is using, even downstairs.

Ceiling fans create a cooling effect.  If you have bedrooms, a home office, or other rooms that are frequently used upstairs, install ceiling fans.  While they don’t lower the temperature, ceiling fans stir the air making it feel much cooler to the skin.

Adjust air vents downstairs.  This is especially important if members of your family spend a substantial amount of time upstairs, as partially closing vents in downstairs areas you don’t use will help direct the cool air to the upstairs rooms.  Avoid closing the air vents complete, as this can result in pressure issues with your heating and cooling system.

Schedule regular HVAC maintenance.  The most important thing you can do to keep your entire house comfortable during the summer and throughout the year is to take care of your HVAC system.  Change the air filter often, and have our Austin HVAC technicians come inspect and clean your system twice each year.

Need more tips for keeping your home comfortable not only now, but in the coming cooler months?  Give Schneider Mechanical a call today.  Your comfort is our business!