As Austin heating and cooling contractors, we know the summer season in central Texas can become almost unbearably hot and dry. Hopefully your HVAC system is keeping your comfortable inside, but what about your landscape? Most homeowners enjoy beautiful plants and flowers that add enjoyment and curb appeal, but hot weather can do a number not only on your yard, but your water bill as well. What to do? We have a few tips!

Water your plants early in the day. You’ll use less water and your flowers and greenery will benefit more as they will be able to soak up the water, unlike later in the day when moisture quickly evaporates. It’s also important to note that watering in the late afternoon or early evening hours can result in the growth of fungus!

Don’t over-water. Even when you water early in the morning it’s important not to water too much, as over-watering can stress root systems and deplete plants of important nutrients. You’ll also want to try to water only the roots and not the leaves. Keep in mind many of the plants recommended for the Austin area are drought tolerant, and watering them more than they need will cause them to adapt to that amount of water – needless waste of water when these types of plants can thrive without too much moisture.

Choose your watering method wisely. Spraying the area with a garden hose is inefficient, as you can’t really tell where you’re providing sufficient water or even too much. it’s best to use a sprinkler or soaker hose, or even a watering can for a smaller garden so you can water directly in the areas that need it most. Another tip: Garden hoses get hot when lying in the sun, so let the hot water run out until cool water comes from the hose before watering.

Save further on your water bill by collecting water from every source. Whether from a bucket placed in the shower as you wait for hot water to come out, water used to boil foods, or a rain barrel outside that captures rainwater, there are countless ways to reuse or collect water you can use for those beautiful gardens without it costing a small fortune.

At Schneider Mechanical our job is to help make Austin homes as comfortable and energy efficient as possible, however we enjoy sharing other tips to help you make the most of your home. For any cooling repairs, maintenance, or air conditioning installation needs, count on our Austin HVAC team for superior results.