With April already here, it won’t be long before Austin homeowners will be switching on the AC if you haven’t already done so.  When those temps start rising to uncomfortable levels, the first thing you think about is turning on the air conditioning so you’ll enjoy that cool, comfortable air.  If your system is fairly new, you expect it to to perform well; unfortunately, many homeowners are disappointed.

When buying a new cooling system you shouldn’t think of it as you would purchasing a new dishwasher or refrigerator, an appliance you just plug in and expect to work at peak performance.  Our Austin cooling experts are ready to shed light on some of the reasons your AC system may not be up to par when it comes to performance.

If your AC’s components are functioning properly but your system doesn’t seem to be cooling as it should, it could be any of the issues below:

Refrigerant isn’t sufficiently charged.  Charging an air conditioning system properly is critical to performance and efficiency.  Unfortunately many HVAC installers use guess work when it comes to charging refrigerant; make sure you choose a contractor who will take the time to charge your system correctly.

Your AC system is too small or too large for your home.  A system that’s too small will run almost continuously but never get your home quite cool enough.  On the flip side, one that’s too large will short cycle, which means it will only run for five or 10 minutes before cycling off.  This isn’t enough time for your system to remove humidity from the air, so you’ll feel uncomfortable.

Improperly sealed air ducts.  The air ducts deliver cooled air into your home through the vents or registers.  When ducts are not properly sealed, you can lose a quarter of your conditioned air to leakage.  Essentially, duct leakage means the cool air you pay for is going into spaces that don’t need to be cooled, such as into the attic or beneath your home.  Hot air from your attic could also make its way in, so proper sealing of the duct system is vital to comfort and efficiency.

Incorrectly set fan speed.  It’s important to have the fan adjusted to the specific needs of your HVAC equipment as the majority of air conditioner factories set the fan on high, which is how they arrive to dealers.  A high setting isn’t always best; when too much air is moved too quickly, it will result in higher energy costs.  Additionally, air that moves too fast through your system will not be able to effectively remove excess humidity.

There are many reasons why your AC system may not be performing as it should in addition to those mentioned above.  At Schneider Mechanical, our Austin HVAC professionals can diagnose the problem and help you determine what should be done to ensure you enjoy a cool, comfortable and energy efficient home this summer season!