Texas is known for going big on everything – including HVAC systems. After all, the biggest heating & air conditioning system should be the best choice for your Austin home, right? Not necessarily. In fact, a system that’s too large for your home will result in not only a less comfortable environment, but higher energy bills and up-front costs.

Most homeowners assume a large system will cool or heat their homes faster, thereby reducing the electric bill. While a system that’s too large will cool or heat an area faster, it’s important to understand the drawbacks. For instance, your HVAC system also works to remove excess humidity from the air, important considering the intense heat and uncomfortable humidity during the summer months in Texas.

What happens when you have a heat & air system that’s not properly sized for your Austin home?

An HVAC system that’s oversized will quickly heat or cool your home, which means it will cycle off quickly. Sure, the temperature on the thermostat may quickly reach 72 degrees in summer months, but the short cycle makes it impossible for your system to properly dehumidify the air. This means you’ll be sweaty and uncomfortable although the thermostat indicates it should be cool and comfy.

During winter months you won’t enjoy heat that’s consistent. An oversized furnace DOES make you feel warm and toasty initially, but you’ll probably feel too warm – and because your system doesn’t run long enough, there will be hot and cold spots in your home.

Ultimately a heating and cooling system that’s too big for your home will compromise your comfort while costing you more initially and over time. When your system is properly sized for your home, you’ll enjoy consistent comfort year-round and won’t have to worry about those high humidity levels during summer months – and the problems excess humidity and moisture can cause such as mold and mildew.

If you’re considering a new HVAC system for your Austin-area home, give the heating and cooling professionals at Schneider Mechanical a call. We know how important it is to choose an experienced, knowledgeable contractor – you’re in good hands with our team!