Whether you live in Austin, Liberty Hill or surrounding areas in Texas, winter months can bring about very chilly temperatures and even winter weather occasionally. We rely on our heating systems to keep our homes warm and comfortable, and often take them for granted. It’s important to be aware of any signs that your heating system may be malfunctioning so you can address any issue right away, before the problem becomes worse and therefore more expensive in terms of repair costs. What should you pay attention to? Our Austin HVAC experts have included the signs below.

Unusual noises. All mechanical systems make some noise occasionally, however when you notice a sound that isn’t one you’re used to it’s important to pay attention. Whether squealing, buzzing or some other noise, it could indicate a problem. Grinding frequently indicates the bearings are worn out and need to be replaced. If you put off a repair, your air handler could completely burn out. Some strange noises indicate only minor problems, while others may mean something more serious. Contact a professional ASAP.

Declining air circulation or air that’s not as warm as it should be. Does it seem like your heating system isn’t circulating the amount of air it once did, or the air that is being circulated doesn’t feel as warm? In this case you may have a clogged air filter or a thermostat issue. Additionally, if you have a gas furnace it could be an issue with the gas line or burner assembly. Best to have a heating & air professional come in, as any issue when dealing with gas can be dangerous. If your system is electric, check the filter and change if necessary along with the thermostat.

Short cycling occurs when the heater turns off and on too often, usually every few minutes. Because of this, a full heating cycle can’t be completed which can substantially reduce your system’s longevity or lifespan. If you notice your heater cycling on and off more often than seems normal, it could result in a complete breakdown. Call our HVAC professionals right away and shut your heating system off.

At Schneider Mechanical we provide residential HVAC services including repairs, maintenance and replacement to homeowners in Austin, TX and surrounding areas. Your comfort is our top priority! When you notice potential heating issues that are beyond your capability, count on our team for trusted, reliable service.

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