With cold temperatures on the way in central Texas, it’s likely you won’t be using your air conditioner again until next spring or summer.  Our Austin HVAC professionals know that many homeowners don’t to anything at all to prepare their AC systems for the winter season, but we also know how important it is to take a few precautions to make sure it functions properly when you next need it.  We have a few hibernation prep tips to share below.

If it needs repairs, don’t put them off until next season.  Chances are the cost will be higher if you don’t call for AC service now, because the damage may become more serious over time.  You don’t want to be surprised by hot temperatures before you thought they would arrive, only to have to call for service before you can use the AC!

Shut your AC system down.  There is usually an on-off switch located by the condenser (outdoor unit) that will shut the circuit down by simply flipping it to the “off” position.  If you cannot locate the shutoff circuit, our AC technicians can help.

Clean any debris from the condenser.  The outdoor unit usually gets dirty whether from dust, leaves, twigs, bugs, etc.  Clear away all of the debris on the condenser and within three feet of it before using a hose to spray it off thoroughly.

Put a cover over the outdoor unit.  It’s important to cover the condenser so that debris doesn’t build up over the winter months.  There are AC condenser covers you can buy that are designed for this purpose, but you can use anything that covers the top of the condenser such as a tarp, or even plywood.  The goal is to protect the outdoor unit from debris until you use it during warmer months.

Check the condenser unit on a routine basis.  You don’t have to check it every week, but take time to inspect the outdoor unit every now and then during the winter months.  You want to make sure your condenser cover is still in place, and remove any debris that may have fallen or blown onto the unit.  This is especially important following a storm or inclement weather.

Once you have used your air conditioner for the last time, it isn’t a good idea to just ignore it until next spring.  Maintaining your AC now will ensure it functions efficiently when you need it.  If repairs are in order, call our Austin air conditioning repair experts now.  You will be glad you did when temperatures start soaring next year!