If you own a commercial business in the Austin area, you know that heating and cooling your space is vital for the comfort of employees and customers alike.  A comfortable environment is also key to productivity.

Unlike residential HVAC systems that typically have an indoor and outdoor unit, a commercial packaged system houses all of the components in one place and is situated on the roof, which is why some refer to it as “rooftop” system or unit.  Packaged HVAC units provide both cooling and heating to your commercial spaces and are adaptable to your unique needs or situation.

There are a few key reasons many business owners transition to packaged or rooftop units, some of which include:

Less noise.  With a system installed on the roof, you will notice less noise pollution within your spaces.  You will likely never notice when your system comes on or shuts off in terms of hearing it.

Easier when it comes to installation and servicing.  Installing a packaged HVAC unit on the roof is easier, simply due to the fact all of the components are in one place.  This also makes it easy when it’s time for maintenance, or in the event repairs need to be performed.  Because your system is located on the roof, the likelihood of vandalism or damage will be greatly reduced.

You enjoy more space in the rooms and offices of your commercial building.  When it’s all located on the roof you can make better use of interior spaces.  A rooftop unit also means you can expand your landscape and enjoy a professional, neat look outdoors without equipment interference.

What if you expand your building?  No problem, as packaged HVAC units are adaptable.  Your business may grow in the years to come, or there may come a point where you downsize.  Regardless, your HVAC system can be adapted without a total overhaul.

Given the flexibility and other benefits of a packaged HVAC system for your commercial needs, it just makes good sense to invest in this one vital aspect of your business – comfort without paying a fortune to heat and cool your spaces.

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