Air conditioning in your Austin home or business definitely makes you feel more comfortable, but what are the other ways a quality AC system can enhance your life? Summer temperatures aren’t quite done yet even though fall is fast approaching; we thought readers would find the information we’re sharing below enlightening!

Smelfies. You’ve seen the commercials, people sniffing their underarms to see if they might smell offensive to others. No one wants bad odors, but you also don’t want to suffer the sticky feeling that makes your clothes cling to you like you just got out of the shower. What about those underarm sweat stains that can ruin your clothes? Air conditioning is the best invention since sliced bread for those who have overactive sweat glands, which is about 360 million people around the world.

Acne – and psoriasis, eczema and all those other skin conditions. A great AC system that’s properly sized for your Austin home not only provides comfort and reduces energy costs, it also works to help control humidity levels. Air that’s extremely humid can make oily skin and acne even worse, while super-dry air leads to dry skin, a problem for those with psoriasis, eczema and other conditions.

In commercial settings, a good air conditioning system increases productivity. No one can concentrate and do a good job when they’re miserably hot and uncomfortable. If you’ve every tried to use your laptop or desk top computer to get some work done when it’s 80 degrees inside and humid, you know how uncomfortable it is.

Creepy crawly critters. Heat and humidity during summer months really draws out the mosquitoes, gnats, spiders and other bugs – including roaches. Warm temperatures attract these unwanted pests, and opening windows or doors only makes it easier for them to make their way inside. Keeping your indoor spaces at a comfortable temperature helps keep bugs at bay.

Better indoor air quality. You may not realize it, but your AC system actually works to scrub the air to a certain degree. Conditioned air passes through the filter which helps remove dust, dirt, pet dander, small particles and even airborne allergens. A quality cooling system cools and helps clean the air so you an breathe easy.

At Schneider Mechanical, our Austin HVAC professionals are dedicated not only to your comfort and keeping utility costs down, but helping you enjoy better indoor air quality and fewer “creepy crawly” critters inside your home. Give us a call today!