Have you ever thought of how much space you should have open around your gas furnace?  Lots of homeowners don’t give it any thought, but you should.  Our Austin heating contractors will explain how much space you need and why it’s so important below.

Generally speaking, you should leave at least 30 inches between your furnace and all walls that surround it.  This makes it possible for service technicians to access the furnace and make any repairs, or replace if necessary.

If your furnace is older and has a metal flue, be sure there is plenty of ventilation and airflow in the room.  Aging gas furnaces require combustion air from adjoining space to make sure carbon monoxide or potentially dangerous gas fumes don’t back draft into your living spaces.

Have a modern, high-efficiency furnace?  If this is the case, your furnace is likely equipped with PVC piping that is used pull in air and as an exhaust vent.  In this case, you won’t need to be as concerned about ventilation and airflow.

A lack of sufficient space around your gas furnace can cause it to shut down.  If you are renovating your home and intend to close off the furnace room, consult the manufacturer’s guide to find information regarding how much clearance is recommended.

Always – and this can’t be stressed enough – keep materials that could catch fire away from your gas furnace.  Furnaces are often located in storage spaces or laundry rooms, so you want to be sure to keep combustible materials such as paint thinner, cleaning products, rags, clothes, paper, gasoline, sawdust, and anything else that could catch fire away from the furnace.

Whether you need guidance on how much room you need around your furnace or need your heater repaired or replaced, count on the Austin HVAC contractors at Schneider Mechanical for unsurpassed service, products, and satisfaction.