Temperatures are warming up, and the pests are coming out! When winter is over you can expect to see hungry spiders, ants, cockroaches, mice, snakes and other pests make an appearance. How can you keep these critters out of your Austin home and HVAC system?

Make sure your home is clean inside and out. Outdoors it’s important to keep weeds and grass clipped and away from your home. You also don’t want to store any wood leftover from winter burning season close to your home. Indoors, make sure you put away chips, cookies and other foods as soon as you’re done, and don’t leave food crumbs or dirty dishes sitting out overnight. Even if you snack in the living room while watching TV, there are likely to be crumbs. Vacuum around these areas regularly. Essentially you want to make sure there aren’t any “goodies” around that mice or other critters may want to feast on!

Don’t give bugs or rodents and easy entrance. Even the smallest crack or gap around a window or door is an invitation for critters to come in. This is also true of vents, chimneys, or even gaps around plumbing where it comes into your home. Make sure you use caulk, weather stripping or other materials to seal up any potential point of entry.

Have our Austin HVAC specialists check out your vents and ductwork. Where better for mice, rats or even squirrels or other pests to “hide out” when they run in and out of your home? The vents and ductwork make up a “super highway” for rodents to come and go in your home without being noticed in many cases. If you notice mice droppings, roaches or other signs that indicate pests have been in your home, the vents are one of the first places you want to investigate. Give us a call!

Make sure your home is dry and free of moisture or humidity. Pests love nothing better than moist, dark environments. Humidity often results in the buildup of moisture, so use a dehumidifier if you need to and make sure your bathrooms are well ventilated.

Most of us don’t like bugs, ants, or other pests and rodents outdoors, let alone inside our homes! To ensure your HVAC system and its ductwork isn’t the source of the problem or to have it inspected and cleaned out, give our Austin heating and cooling professionals a call. At Schneider Mechanical, we believe in treating your home as if it were our own!