As an Austin homeowner, you may not be familiar with short cycling or what may cause it. If your AC system runs for what seems like short periods of time and constantly cycles on and off, there may be a reason. Short cycling can impact not only your comfort but energy costs as well. Here’s what you need to know.

It could be a matter of thermostat location. If your thermostat is located in an area where cool air constantly hits it such as near an air vent or window, it impacts the thermostat so that you don’t have an accurate reading.

A refrigerant leak could be the problem. Refrigerant converts from liquid to gas, then back to liquid in an effort to lower air temperatures. Low refrigerant often indicates a leak, which could impact the pressure control in the compressor and cause it to reset repeatedly. If you suspect a leak in your AC system, contact a skilled technician right away.

Is the air filter clogged? Although we emphasize the importance of changing or cleaning the air filter on a regular basis repeatedly, many Austin homeowners simply don’t think bout it. A clogged or dirty air filter prevents proper air flow, which may result in frozen coils. This will cause your cooling system to short cycle.

Bigger isn’t always better. Temperatures get extremely hot in Austin during summer months; the bigger the cooling system, the better, right? No. An oversized air conditioner cools your home too fast, so it will cycle off before it’s had a chance to remove humidity from the air. You’ll also have a higher energy bill due to short cycling. A system that’s the proper size for your home is essential to comfort and keeping costs down.

Sometimes it’s difficult to know why your HVAC system short cycles. If you have this problem and don’t know why, give our Austin air conditioning experts a call today!