Everyone wants to enjoy a comfortable home while saving on energy costs, regardless of where you live. However, in the Austin area temperatures in summer months can be downright scorching while winter months can bring about cold temperatures and even snow/winter weather, as we’ve experienced this winter. How can you make your Austin HVAC system more efficient so that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for lower utility bills? We have a few tips.

First, make sure you change the filter regularly. This is something homeowner know they should do, but often ignore. When dust, dirt, pet dander and other debris build up on the filter it makes your system work harder – not to mention it can reduce its lifespan. When the filter is clogged your HVAC system uses more energy; it’s really that simple.

Consider a programmable thermostat. Why cool or heat your home to comfortable levels when you’re not there? A programmable thermostat makes it possible for you to control the temperature whether you’re at home, work, or away on vacation. Instead of setting the thermostat at 70 degrees before you leave for work to ensure your house will be warm when your family returns, it can be programmed to warm up your home just before you arrive. No wasted energy when no one’s home, less work for your HVAC system, and reduced heating/cooling costs. A programmable thermostat really is a must today.

Clearing away debris from air vents and ductwork. If you have a ducted system the ductwork is the component that delivers conditioned (heated or cooled) air to your home. When it or the air vents are full of dust, pollen, dirt, pet hair, or even allergens or other contaminants it not only impacts your comfort, but how hard your system has to work. Any components that are clogged make you less comfortable while your HVAC equipment works harder in order to compensate. Make sure the ductwork and air vents are clean!

Is the outdoor unit clean and free of debris? It’s easy to forget about the outdoor condenser unit where there may be a build-up of dirt, dust, leaves, pine needles, sticks or other debris. Maintaining the outdoor unit is just as important as maintaining indoor equipment when it comes to efficiency and extending the life of your heating and cooling equipment.

At Schneider Mechanical our Austin HVAC professionals want to help you enjoy a comfortable home without paying an arm or leg for energy costs. For more suggestions or to learn about today’s modern heating and cooling systems, give us a call today!