Our Austin heating and cooling experts know that today, pets are considered members of the family. Whether you have a dog, cat, or other fur baby, it’s important to know that your HVAC system requires a bit more care than those in homes without pets. In order for your system to function at its best, we are sharing a few maintenance tips for all of you pet parents!

First, don’t assume your pets require the same temperature indoors as you do when you are away. If you work or are away for a few hours each day, it isn’t necessary to set the thermostat to 70 degrees to ensure your pet’s comfort. Dogs and cats can handle colder or warmer temperatures just fine, so you can save on energy costs by adjusting the thermostat when no one is home.

Create a barrier around the outdoor unit. Male dogs will hike their legs on anything they pass by, including AC equipment. Keep your outdoor AC unit and your pets safe by fencing the area off.

Reduce shedding and dander by grooming your fur babies regularly. Brushing your pet helps clear away loose, shedding hair before it ends up on the floor or furniture. Regular bathing helps keep things cleaner as well.

Vacuum often. By “often” we mean every day when possible, or at least every two to three days if you have a breed that doesn’t shed much. When you pick up the hair and dander with a vacuum each day, less will accumulate in the air filter.

Replace the air filter frequently. Depending on how many pets you have and how heavily they shed, you may have to replace your HVAC filter more often than typically recommended. Check the filter on a routine basis and replace or wash depending on the type you have. When the filter becomes clogged with pet hair and dander, your HVAC system won’t operate as efficiently which will result in higher energy costs and added wear and tear on your equipment.

Have the ducts cleaned. It’s impossible to keep all of the pet hair and dander out, and eventually it may build up in your air ducts. The air ducts send heated or cooled air into your living spaces, and clogs in the ducts can compromise your comfort as well as indoor air quality. Pet hair isn’t the only thing that may accumulate in the ductwork, so have yours inspected by a qualified technician every now and then.

At Schneider Mechanical we know how much we all love our pets and we want to help you enjoy your fur babies while keeping your HVAC system in good working order. Count on our Austin HVAC repair and maintenance team for all of your comfort needs!