Even in regions that are typically humid during spring and summer months such as the Austin, TX area, cold winter weather can bring about dry air. Not only can extremely dry air that lacks moisture impact your skin, but your comfort level, home, even your furnishings. As central Texas HVAC professionals we want you to understand how a whole house humidifier can impact your comfort and health during winter seasons that are particularly cold!

Many homeowners rely solely on their furnaces or heat pumps to keep them comfortable during winter months. Even though your HVAC system provides warm air so temperatures stay warm, the air can still lack moisture which results in dry or cracked skin, respiratory issues, and even damage to your home or furnishings. A relative humidity level of between 30 and 50% is comfortable for most people, however when humidity falls below this level you may experience:

  • Chapped lips, rashes, itchy, dry or cracked skin
  • Dry sinuses which can result in more colds or illness
  • Static electricity – who likes to be shocked or have their hair standing on end? While it may seem funny, static electricity can also result in an increased risk of fire as outlets can spark
  • Damage to furnishings, wood floors, wallpaper and other materials in your home
  • Higher heating costs, as your HVAC system is forced to work harder when the air lacks moisture in an effort to keep you comfortable

Humidifiers provide many benefits

While a whole-house humidifier is highly recommended to protect your home, reduce respiratory issues, increase comfort and reduce energy bills, portable humidifiers are effective for a small space such as a single room. Why suffer from an uncomfortable home, irritated sinuses and cracked skin when a humidifier can help resolve all of these issues? A little humidity goes a long way toward comfort and improved indoor air quality when temperatures are uncomfortably cold.

At Schneider Mechanical our number one priority is your comfort, health and money savings regardless of the season. To learn more about our Austin air conditioning & heating services we invite you to browse our website or contact us today!