Temperatures are steadily rising in the Austin area, and it’s only going to get hotter!  You already know your air conditioning system is a must for your family’s comfort during the hot and humid days of summer, but did you know there are several ways it affects your health?  Our HVAC professionals have a little information we think you will find interesting.

Indoor air quality.  You may or may not know this, but the air quality inside a home or building is much worse than the quality of the air outdoors, and we all know air pollution is getting worse all the time.  Structures including homes are built so tight these days in an effort to conserve energy that there is very little natural ventilation.  The good news is that today’s modern air conditioners are designed to improve indoor air quality through ventilation, high-quality filters and other features.  Good indoor air quality means fewer respiratory issues and symptoms of allergies, COPD, and other conditions.

Less humid air and better hydration.  We all know the air in central Texas is so thick with humidity in summer months that you could almost cut it with a knife!  Profuse sweating can be dangerous, resulting in dehydration, headaches, muscle cramps and even heat stroke.  The evaporator coil works to help pull the excess moisture out of the air, meaning your home will be more comfortable and less humid.  Not only will you enjoy drier air, your home will be less prone to mold and mildew growth – and mold can make you sick.  Win win!

When the humidity level is too high indoors, it provides the perfect environment for bacteria which of course lends to illnesses.  This is why it’s so important to make sure that your AC system is regularly maintained and cleaned, so that it can do its job properly and keep humidity under control.  Additionally, if your AC system is too big for your home, it won’t run for a sufficient time to reduce the moisture in the air – it will quickly cool to the set temperature and shut off.  Keep these things in mind when thinking about your health and how your cooling system can help!

Your HVAC system can play a large role in your family’s health as long as it is inspected and cleaned on a regular basis and is the right size.  Is it time for maintenance?  At Schneider Mechanical, our Austin air conditioning experts are ready to get your system in gear for a long, hot summer.  Give us a call today!