Many homeowners in the Austin area complain of uneven heat or “cold spots” in their homes during the winter months. One room seems comfortable, while another area doesn’t seem quite as warm and cozy. While it isn’t uncommon at all, it can be uncomfortable and costly when it comes to heating bills. How can you remedy the situation? Our Austin heating & cooling professionals have a few tips.

Make sure your home is sufficiently insulated. Sometimes cold spots are due to inadequate insulation in the attic or walls of your home. Spray foam or other insulation can help the situation so you enjoy even comfort throughout your home.

Check the vents. Do you have furniture placed over air vents or registers that are blocked with dust or dirt, inhibiting airflow? It’s important that vents are clean and not blocked by furnishings or other items. You may also want to consider closing off the air vents in rooms you don’t use.

Could your duct system have a leak? Ducts are the component of your HVAC system that delivers conditioned (heated or cooled) air to your home, and a leak can impact your comfort more than you imagine – along with your energy bill. Essentially, a leak in the ductwork means heated or cooled air is escaping into an area that you don’t necessarily want to heat or cool, compromising comfort in other rooms. This often results in hot and cold spots.

Zoning systems are ideal for hot and cold spots. Because a specific “zone” or area in your home is controlled separately with a zoning system instead of the way traditional HVAC systems operate to heat or cool an entire home, zoning systems make it possible to enjoy ultimate comfort while keeping costs down.

There may be other issues with your HVAC system that are contributing to the problem, especially if your heating/cooling equipment is older. To learn more about how you can avoid hot and cold spots and possible solutions, contact the Austin HVAC professionals at Schneider Mechanical today. Your comfort is our top priority!