The average furnace in a household lasts about 16-20 years. The average central air conditioner lasts about 12-15 years. 

With the holiday season in full swing, you want to make sure your HVAC system is running smoothly to keep you warm during the winter months. 

Is your HVAC system reaching the end of its life, and it’s time for a replacement? 

Wondering who to call when it’s time for an HVAC replacement? How about when you need an emergency repair? You want a company that you can trust and rely on to be there when you need it.

Schneider Heating and Cooling is a family-owned and operated company. Want to learn more? Keep reading to learn how we can help you with your HVAC needs. 

We Are Reliable

HVAC systems are one of the most important components of our home. They keep our homes warm during the winter months and cool during the summer months. 

When something goes wrong, you want a company that you can rely on. Check out our testimonials to learn more about how we’ve helped families with their HVAC needs. 

We Offer Emergency Services

The last thing you want to deal with in the middle of winter is your heater to stop working. That’s why we are available 24/7 for emergency HVAC repair. Whether you’re having an issue with your heater or air conditioner, you can count on us to help you. 

We Offer Comprehensive Services

You want a company that offers comprehensive services for all your heating and cooling needs. We offer comprehensive HVAC services including repairs for air conditioning and heating.

We also offer services for ventilation, refrigeration, and air filtration and cleaning. What’s more, we offer services for new installations for HVAC units. 

Wine Cellar Cooling Services

In addition to heating and cooling services, we can service your wine cellar cooling system. We have the experience to help ensure your wine is stored in the proper conditions. We also offer repairs for your wine cellar if you’re having any issues. 

Maintenance Services

In addition to repairs and installations, we offer preventative maintenance services.

Proper maintenance can extend the lifespan of your HVAC system. For instance, the average cost of a central air conditioner replacement is $5,700. You’re going to want to take care of that major purchase with the right maintenance.

Regular maintenance of your HVAC system can spot smaller issues that may eventually lead to bigger problems. Regular maintenance can also make sure that your system is running efficiently. 

You can have one of our qualified technicians come out and perform regular maintenance on your HVAC system. You can set up a regular schedule for maintenance such as right before the beginning of each season. 

This way, there will be no surprises at the beginning of next winter when you turn on your heater. 

We Offer Financing Options

An HVAC replacement is a major purchase for your home. However, if you find yourself constantly having to call to service your current HVAC system, then it might be more cost-effective in the long run to replace the system.

If you’re putting off an HVAC replacement because of the high cost, there is the option of financing. We offer the option to finance through Wells Fargo Bank. You can apply online or contact us to learn more about our financing plan

Signs You Might Need an HVAC Replacement

Are you having frequent problems with your HVAC system? Is it time for a replacement? Here are some signs that it may be time to install a new HVAC system.

Your System Is Noisy

If you’re hearing loud, strange noises when you start up your air conditioner or heater, it may be a sign that your system needs repair or a replacement. For example, you may hear banging or clanging, and this could be a sign of a loose part.  

Frequent Repairs

Do you need to call a service company throughout the year to repair your system? It’s costly to constantly have to pay for repairs. It’s also a sign that you might need a replacement. 

Not Working Properly

Do you feel like your house is not warming up fast enough during the cold winter months? Or maybe during the summer, the air conditioner is not making your home cool enough?

Do you also notice that some parts of your home are different temperatures? This could be another sign that your HVAC system is not running efficiently. 

If your system isn’t warming up the house enough, then you’re probably running it for long periods of time to keep your house warm. This can waste a lot of energy and result in a high energy bill for you.  

High Energy Bills

Are your energy bills high? Do they seem to get higher year after year?

This could be a sign that your HVAC system is not running efficiently. You can save money on your energy bills by upgrading to a newer, more energy-efficient system. 

Age of Your System

If your HVAC system is more than ten years old, and you’re experiencing problems such as the ones outlined above, then it might be time to consider a replacement.

You don’t want to wait until your system breaks down and you’re left without air conditioning or heating. You want to be able to research ahead of time and choose a system that is best for your home. 

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