Those who live in Austin know the heat can drag on through the beginning of fall, however temperatures eventually feel much more comfortable. If you’re needing to replace your heating and cooling system it may seem like there isn’t really a good time, however fall it the ideal time whether your system is outdated, old, or has been needing more and more repairs over the years. Sometimes constant repairs become a huge cost, and it just makes more sense to replace. Why should you consider the fall season? There are a few reasons.

First, you won’t be rushed to choose a system. Temperatures are usually quite comfortable during October and the first half of November, so you may not need air conditioning or heating during this time. Instead of making a rushed decision, you can take the time to research the best, most reliable systems for your needs as well as checking out the reputations of local contractors.

More options. Traditional, split system, type of thermostat; today there are more options than ever before. Because fall is a slower season for many HVAC professionals, you can enjoy more options at prices that may be lower than if you were to choose a new system during summer months. Should you choose a heating/cooling system that requires more time and work, you won’t be bothered by soaring hot temperatures or frigid winter weather.

Who doesn’t love to save money? When you have your HVAC system replaced during the peak of summer, labor costs are often higher because it’s tough for contractors to remain in an attic or work for long periods of time when temperatures are suffocating. This means more frequent breaks which impacts the time it takes to install a new system. Fall is when you can enjoy savings without sacrificing comfort.

At Schneider Mechanical, our Austin heating & cooling professionals are dedicated to helping families in central Texas enjoy comfortable indoor air without spending a fortune. For all of your HVAC needs, rely on our team to deliver beyond your expectations.