At Schneider Mechanical our Austin HVAC professionals know homeowners want to save money on energy costs, but we also know there are a lot of myths out there. For instance, you may think leaving your thermostat set at the same temperature consumes less energy than adjusting the thermostat up or down (depending on the season) when your family is away at work, school, or even while vacationing. With the advancements in technology such as programmable thermostats, this simply isn’t true. What else may you have believed that is simply a myth?

Closing the vents in rooms you aren’t using saves on energy. Not true! Energy is consumed at the unit, and restricting airflow to rooms that aren’t occupied simply means the conditioned air is being directed to rooms where air vents are open, or even through duct leaks. The only thing closing vents in unused rooms really accomplishes is making your heating & cooling system work harder, and therefore wear out before its time due to the backpressure placed on the fan.

Replacing your single-pane windows with energy efficient windows will save substantially on energy costs. This may be true in some cases, and there’s no doubt dual pane windows that are Energy Star rated will help. That said, it really depends on the direction your windows are facing, the climate in your region, and whether you have only a few windows in your home or lots of windows. Considering the cost of replacement, this may not be the best way to reduce energy consumption.

Your home will heat up faster if you turn the thermostat way up. Again, a myth! When you first turn the furnace on it operates at maximum power, so setting it at 85 degrees will not impact how quickly your home becomes warm and comfortable. What it will do is make your heating system run longer, which means increased energy consumption and possibly an uncomfortably warm home.

There are dozens of myths about heating and cooling a home and energy efficiency floating around, and it’s hard to know how you can enjoy comfort while saving on energy costs. It’s important to get facts you can rely on so your family can stay toasty in winter months and cool during the scorching hot summer months in Central Texas! Learn more about energy efficiency and how you can really save on heating & cooling costs by contacting the Austin HVAC experts at Schneider Mechanical today.