You’ve probably never considered that mold could be growing in your HVAC system’s air ducts, but the truth is it happens more often than you might think.  Mold is well-known to cause health issues so it’s important to know what causes it, and what signs you should look for.  Our Austin HVAC repair professionals will explain below.

What are the most common causes of mold in air ducts?  Heat, humidity, and moisture create the perfect environment for mold growth.  If your home is poorly ventilated or humidity levels are high, it can lead to mold issues.  When moisture is trapped it can lead to condensation.

Another potential cause of mold in your air ducts is an HVAC system that’s too large for your home.  During summer months an oversized AC unit will quickly cool your home down, then switch off after just a few short minutes.  This means it doesn’t run long enough to dehumidify the air, which results in too much moisture.

What signs could indicate you have a mold problem in air ducts?

You may be able to actually see it in the AC vents, but not necessarily if it hasn’t developed to the point of forming patches.  Condenser coils remove moisture in the air which collects in the drip pan, so you will want to take a look at it to see if it may be clogged.  This is another ideal opportunity for mold to grow.

What’s that smell?  Unpleasant odors are often the first indication of mold in the air ducts, so if the air in your home smells musty, stale, or downright rotten, it could be mold.  You can check this out by noticing if the odor goes away or is less noticeable when your heating or air conditioning isn’t in use.

Physical symptoms.  Many people have allergies, however mold can cause symptoms similar to allergies such as itching eyes, headaches, nasal problems, and sneezing.  When mold has grown substantially, you may even feel nauseous.  Mold can be extremely dangerous to your health, so call in our professionals right away.

You might be tempted to try to eliminate the mold on your own, but it isn’t recommended.  Completely removing mold isn’t easy and can put your health further at risk.  Ordinary household cleaners or even bleach won’t necessarily do the trick, and you could unknowingly damage your heat and AC system in the process of trying.

At Schneider Mechanical we want to not only help you enjoy a comfortable home and lower energy bills, but one that’s safe.  Give our Austin heating experts a call today for all of your HVAC maintenance, repair, and installation needs.