Did you know that your AC condenser needs to be cleaned at least once a year

In some cases, it should be cleaned more frequently. Condensers that are in dusty or windy areas that attract more debris should be cleaned more often. If you can’t remember the last time your AC condenser has enjoyed a cleaning, it is time to get on it! 

We have all the AC condenser cleaning tips you need. Here is a guide to everything you need to know about condenser unit AC maintenance in Texas:

What is an AC Condenser? 

An AC condenser is the part of your HVAC system that lives outside. You may pay attention to your inside HVAC unit, but do you pay enough attention to the outdoor component?

The condenser’s main function is to transfer heat. It releases or collects heat, depending on the season. It helps you manage the temperature and humidity inside your house. 

During the winter months, the condenser collects heat from outside to help heat your home. During warmer months, the condenser works to lower the temperature of refrigerant vapor to revert to a liquid form. Without a condenser, heat would be trapped inside your system.

The fan on your condenser helps the heat transfer to where it needs to go. Two other vital parts of your condenser are the compressor and the condenser coil. 

Your condenser unit is the last stop in the cyclic loop that works to keep hot air out of your home. If your AC condenser is not clean or suffers damage, it will throw off the entire process, leaving you with a central air conditioning system that will not keep your house comfortable. 

How to Clean an AC Condenser 

When it comes to having a tidy condenser unit AC, maintenance is key. Preventative AC unit maintenance is the best way to reduce the need for repairs. 

Without regular cleaning, your unit will not work efficiently. You can take some steps as a homeowner to clean your condenser unit, and there are some steps that you should leave to the HVAC professionals. 

Start by regularly checking the area around your outside condenser unit. If you notice any branches, plants, mulch, or other debris, remove it immediately. There should not be anything within three feet of your condenser unit. 

Once a year, take a rake and rake back and leaves from around your condenser unit. This will keep the fins clean of buildup.

Even if you can’t see them, your condenser coils may be clogged with pollen, dirt, or dust. If you are going to clean your unit yourself, make sure to turn off the power to your unit first. Use a pair of rubber gloves to spray some biodegradable outdoor coil cleaner into your coils.

If you notice that your coils are filthy, it is best to leave the job to a trained professional. 

Next, you can use an old hairbrush to brush off any lint or dirt from the fins. Make sure to brush in the same direction as the slots between the fins. You can remove the guard grill for a deeper clean. 

Once you’ve brushed out everything you can from the coils, take a heavy-duty household cleaner and spray it into the coils. Let it sit before lightly spraying inside the coils with a garden hose.

Leave It to the Professionals

Like we mentioned before, if you notice that any part of your condenser unit is especially dirty, it is best to let a trained HVAC professional handle it.

It is best to invest in thorough condenser unit inspections and cleanings as the coils are very delicate. Your HVAC technicians can perform this cleaning during their routine maintenance visits. Between these visits, you can do your part as a homeowner by removing debris around your condenser unit and lightly spraying your condenser coils after first shutting your system off. 

Benefits of a Clean Condenser

Having your condenser cleaned regularly can help save you money. If you let dust, dirt, and other debris sitting around your condenser unit, you risk it getting lodged and clogging up your unit. If the heat can’t escape, your condenser unit can’t work properly. 

With regular cleaning, your system will be clean to run all season long efficiently. You will save on your energy bills if everything is working as it should because the unit won’t have to work overtime. 

A clean condenser unit contributes to an overall HVAC system running at peak efficiency. 

You can get more out of your unit and prolong its lifespan by keeping your condenser clean and keeping up with regular maintenance. A little bit of hard work now will save you from major breakdowns or system failures down the road.

Get Your Condenser Unit AC Cleaned 

Summertime in Texas can get brutal. Make sure your condenser unit is clean, so it can help your central air conditioning system keep your home cool and comfortable all season long. A clean condenser will make a clean and happy home! 

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