Whether in a restaurant, bar, convenience store, or other business involving cold food and beverages, walk-in coolers and freezers must be properly maintained in order to keep them functioning properly.  Our Austin commercial refrigeration professionals know that when an appliance breaks down, it can cost you in more ways than one.  Lost business, spoiled food, repair costs . . . the list goes on.  We have included some of the most common commercial refrigeration problems below along with tips on how to prevent them.

Temperature isn’t as cold as it should be.  The right temperature in any commercial refrigeration appliance is crucial for preventing food spoilage; when bacteria spreads because of temperatures that are too warm, customers can become ill.

Thermostat problems.  A broken thermostat or one that isn’t tracking temperatures inside your walk-in coolers or refrigerators properly can lead back to the problem listed above.

Clogged or broken motor fans.  Motor fans must function properly as these fans help control the temperature inside your refrigeration units and provide air ventilation.  Malfunctioning motor fans are a common problem in commercial refrigeration.

Bad compressor.  A bad compressor is bad news, and depending on the extent of the damage repairs may cost more than replacing it with a new compressor.  Compressors help maintain constant temperatures in refrigeration appliances, so pay attention to what you don’t hear – the “humming” that indicates the compressor is running.  When silence is all you notice for a while, there could be a problem.

What can you do to prevent commercial refrigeration problems?

While you can’t prevent malfunctions from ever happening, you can do a few things to keep your equipment functioning properly over a long period of time.

Clean your equipment on a regular basis.  This is not only for hygiene purposes; it is a good time to check out the components as you go through the motions of cleaning.

Check the motor fan blades.

Replace any worn or broken components sooner, rather than later.  By replacing parts that are worn as soon as you notice them, you can often prevent bigger and more costly issues such as a break down.

Have your commercial refrigeration equipment inspected by professionals on a regular basis.  Proper maintenance is key to appliances that perform their best; taking care of your equipment will extends its lifespan.

At Schneider Mechanical we know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!  Count on our Austin HVACR experts to keep your walk-in coolers, freezers and other refrigerated appliances operating at top efficiency.