Your commercial refrigerator is essential to keep your business running smoothly. As a commercial business owner, you depend on your commercial refrigerator for so much. For this reason, whether you own a bakery or school, needing a commercial refrigeration repair can cause unnecessary and unwanted delays in your operations. At Schneider Mechanical, we provide quality service that you can count on to get your commercial refrigerator back up and running. 


Schneider Mechanical understands that your schedule is busy. We will work with you and your schedule to repair your commercial refrigerator as soon as possible. Your commercial refrigeration repairs will be in good hands when you work with us. 

Signs That You Need a Commercial Refrigeration Repair

If you have noticed any of the following signs, it is likely that your commercial refrigerator is in need of repair. 

Inconsistent Temperature

If you have already called your repair company, it might have been because you noticed inconsistencies in the temperature of your commercial refrigerator. Inconsistent temperatures can mean that your refrigerator switches between really hot and cold temperatures. Sometimes, there is no middle ground between the two. Your commercial refrigerator might be ruining the food that is inside because it is unable to maintain a constant temperature. 

Frost Build-up

Frost build-up in your commercial refrigerator can be a sign that you need a commercial refrigeration repair. A small amount of frost is normal but if the walls, shelves, and vents are covered in frost, you will definitely notice. Frost build-up in your commercial refrigerator can ruin the food inside. It can cause freezer burn and other issues with your food. While freezer burn does not make the food inedible, it causes the food to lose its original flavor, color, and moisture. We know you want to give your customers the best quality possible, so if you notice excessive frost build-up, it could be time to get it checked out. 


If you notice leaking or a puddle under your commercial refrigerator, it might be time for a commercial refrigeration repair. Not only is leaking a serious safety hazard for your commercial kitchen, but it is also a huge inconvenience. Consistent pooling under your refrigerator can lead to water damage on your floors. It is best to address this problem as soon as you can because you do not want the additional cost of repairing the floors. Visually, you may not be able to spot the source of the leak. Consider calling in a company that offers commercial refrigeration repair services to take a look at it. 


Unusual noises are a sure sign that you will need a commercial refrigeration repair soon. The following are some noises that you should not hear from your commercial refrigerator:


  • Loud buzzing 
  • Grinding 
  • Squealing 
  • Banging 


Those noises are signs that your commercial refrigerator is malfunctioning. 


If you keep finding spoiled food or smelling odors from your refrigerator, there could be something wrong with the air circulation or the fan. This applies to food that is not past its expiration date and, in reality, should not be spoiled. 

Your Commercial Refrigerator Stopped Working 

If you have already tried turning it off and on trick and there is nothing wrong with your electrical outlet, then your refrigerator has stopped working. A professional might be able to find and fix the problem without having to replace your commercial refrigerator completely. 

Common Reasons for Commercial Refrigeration Issues 

Reasons for needing a commercial refrigeration repair can vary because there are so many different parts of the refrigerator’s system. Here are some of the most common reasons for your commercial refrigerator issues. 

Lack of Maintenance 

A common reason that your commercial refrigerator suddenly breaks or gives out is because of a lack of regular maintenance. It is understandable that things can be so hectic that maintenance is put on the back burner. However, if an owner does not keep up with routine maintenance of their commercial refrigerator, such as cleaning and replacing filters, there can be some issues with the refrigerator.

Age of Commercial Refrigerator

If you own an older commercial refrigerator, everyday wear and tear can begin to take its course. Older commercial refrigerators will eventually show the following signs of failure:

  • Leaking 
  • Loud noises
  • The refrigerator is having trouble staying cold
  • Inconsistent temperatures


There is no shame in running your commercial refrigerator until the wheels fall off. However, these signs can impact the quality of the food that you store in your commercial refrigerator.

Improper Usage

Your commercial refrigerator is an essential part of your business operations. It can be easy to forget that it needs to be taken care of to work its best for an extended period of time. Improper usage of the commercial refrigerator includes things such as overfilling, blocking the airways, and leaving the refrigerator door open for an extended period of time. All of these examples can put stress on the refrigerator and affect its ability to do its job. 

Electrical Issues

Electrical issues can be the reason that you need a commercial refrigeration repair. The following are common electrical problems that can occur in a commercial refrigerator:


  • Voltage fluctuations
  • Power surges
  • Faulty wiring


These electrical problems can cause a commercial refrigerator to shut down. 

Damaged Door Seals

If the door seal is damaged, that means there could be warm air entering the refrigerator. This could be the reason for inconsistencies in the temperature and why there is an odor coming from inside the refrigerator. Your food might also spoil more easily. 


Any one of these reasons could be the reason why your commercial refrigerator needs repair. Reach out to your local commercial refrigeration repair company to find out more about how to get your commercial refrigerator back up and running. 


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