In the south, sometimes you hear that all you need in your tool box is duct tape and a little WD-40.  These two things should fix anything, right?  While they’re both great for a lot of things, duct tape isn’t the solution if you have ductwork that’s damaged on your HVAC system.  Our Austin heat and air experts will tell you that it’s a good temporary fix, but duct tape won’t work as a permanent repair.  Here’s what you need to know.

When you have leaky air ducts you lose a lot of the conditioned (heated or cooled) air the ductwork delivers to the interior of your home.  In fact, you could lose nearly a third of this air, which not only compromises your comfort but increases energy costs.  The airflow coming in through registers will be weaker – and why heat or cool spaces where the ductwork is located, such as underneath the house?

Why duct tape isn’t a good permanent solution.  If you have leaky ducts you can use duct tape to seal up the leaks for a month or so, but after that it will probably fail.  This is due to the fact that the temperature fluctuations and heat in air ducts interacts with the tape’s adhesive, causing it to become brittle.  Essentially, the adhesive dries up to the point the duct tape will no longer stick.

What’s the solution for damaged ductwork?  The smartest thing to do is call our Austin HVAC professionals when you suspect leaks in your air ducts.  You may know they exist, or think they do if your system seems to have become less efficient.  Trained technicians will closely inspect the ductwork in order to locate any leaks or other problems with the ductwork, then make the necessary repairs to ensure any leaks are properly sealed.  Rather than duct tape, professionals use metallic tape, mastic sealant and other materials or equipment to return your ducts to the airtight condition they were in before a leak developed.

Whether you suspect leaky ducts or are hearing unusual sounds coming from your HVAC system, count on Schneider Mechanical to keep your system running smoothly so your family will enjoy a comfortable, more energy-efficient home regardless of the season!  Our Austin heating and air conditioning experts are capable of handling all your needs, from repairs and routine maintenance to installation when it’s time for an upgrade.