Most people who have purchased a home in the past know the importance of a home inspection, but what about an HVAC inspection?  If you’re buying a home in the Austin area it’s a good idea to have a certified HVAC inspector take a close look at the heating and cooling system before you make a final decision.  Why not just go with the standard home inspection?  Keep reading!

A home inspection is a good idea, as you will want to know the overall condition of the home you will potentially buy and whether there are any issues that could cost you in the future.  That said, home inspectors are not skilled in heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems.  All they can really tell you is if the system seems to be working, for instance if it comes on when they turn it on.  You need more information than that.

Any necessary repairs could cost you a small fortune.  When you’re buying a home, you may not have a lot of extra money to spend on repairs.  It’s important to have a trained Austin HVAC technician closely inspect the system to determine if there are any problems with the various components such as the compressor, fan motor, condensing unit, ducts, etc.  If any serious issues exist, it’s possible the seller will pay for the repairs – or you may be able to negotiate on the home’s price.

Save on energy costs.  When an HVAC system isn’t running efficiently, you will notice it in monthly energy bills.  A poorly functioning heating and cooling system will work harder, but still not be able to provide your family with comfortable air.  During an HVAC inspection our technicians will take care of any and all issues to ensure your system is operating at top efficiency so you can enjoy comfort and lower utility bills.

Enjoy a healthier home.  Indoor air quality is important, and your HVAC system has a direct impact on the air inside your home.  From dirty ducts and clogged air filters to the components, a clean system is one that will provide fresher, healthier air for your family.

If you are considering a new home in central Texas, be sure to go a step farther than the standard home inspection by having the heating and cooling system inspected by a certified and highly skilled contractor.  Contact our Austin HVAC experts at Schneider Mechanical today, and enjoy peace of mind knowing you made a smart decision.