The air ducts or ‘ductwork’ in your home’s HVAC system are one of its most important components; after all, these ducts deliver heated or cooled air into your indoor spaces.  You may think it’s enough that your air ducts are in good shape and to your knowledge have no existing leaks or damage, but what about insulation?  Many homeowners don’t know that air duct insulation is actually a ‘thing,’ but it is.  Our Austin heating and cooling pros will highlight the benefits below!

When the air ducts aren’t properly sealed and insulated, you will pay substantially more in energy costs – no ifs, ands, or buts about it.  Typically made of fiberglass or sheet metal (galvanized steel or aluminum), your air duct system is likely a network that runs through the attic, walls, crawl space or other areas that aren’t heated or cooled.  Insulating your air ducts in these spaces is generally very cost-effective, saving you a bundle each year.  In no time at all you will recoup the cost of insulating.

Aside from energy savings, what are other benefits of air duct insulation?

Prevent condensation and subsequent mold growth.  Just as condensation develops on a frosty cold drink when temps soar in the summer months, the same can happen with your air ducts as cold air passes through the ductwork and into warm spaces in your home during the cooling season.  Dripping condensation can result not only in the growth of mold, but rusted air ducts as well.  Mold in the ducts often means mold spores in the air inside your home, something you definitely want to avoid when possible.

Muffle the noise of metal ducts during winter months.  What’s with all of the cracking and popping going on?  If you notice your furnace seems to be noisy when it’s in operation during cooler months, it’s more than likely the ductwork.  As the heated air travels through the metal ducts, they expand; once the desired temperature is reached and your system shuts off, the ducts contract.  While insulation might not completely eliminate the noise, it will certainly muffle it to a level you can live with.

The benefits of air duct insulation are clear, and we agree that lowering energy costs is the most important for most homeowners.  If your ductwork isn’t sealed and insulated we invite you to learn more by giving our Austin HVAC repair technicians a call today.