Many homeowners clean their homes every week, sometimes more often.  You vacuum, mop, scrub, dust and work yourself into a sweat, only to see the dust quickly accumulating once again.  Do you have to live with it, or are there things you can do?  Our Austin HVAC professionals have a few suggestions that will help cut down on the dust (and allergens) so your home not only stays cleaner, but you can breathe easier.

The thing is, dust isn’t just something that floats in the air.  It’s made up of pollen, pet dander, pollutants, dust mites, even skin cells.  Sounds nasty, doesn’t it?  Not to worry, try some of these tips!

Fabrics collect a lot of dust, and they also produce it.  From curtains and throws to bedding and fabrics on furnishings, you need to clean these things often to eliminate much of the dust problem.  Wash any fabrics that can go in the washing machine often, and thoroughly vacuum upholstery fabric.  Tossing throw pillows into the dryer on the “air” setting will help eliminate some of the dust.

Place mats or rugs at all entrances – and take off those shoes!  A great deal of the dust and dirt that makes it into your home comes from the outdoors.  Be sure you have a mat or rug both outside and inside the doors, and encourage all who enter your home to remove their footwear at the door.  You will be amazed at how much cleaner your floors stay, and how much this one little thing cuts down on the dust.

Use the right tools when you dust.  When it comes to dusting tables, shelves, ceiling fans and other surfaces, dry cloths just don’t cut it.  A dry cloth or duster just stirs the dust up, as it won’t cling to a cloth that isn’t moist.  If you don’t want to use a polish or dust product from the store, mix up some vinegar, olive oil, water and lemon scented essential oil in a spray bottle.  Here’s an easy one you can make yourself!

Give the floors a little TLC.  Floors are where the majority of dust accumulates, so be sure to vacuum at least once a week.  Microfiber floor cloths like Swiffer work well to pick up dust hardwood floors, tile, laminate and other solid floors.  If you have carpet in your home, try to shampoo it every few months.

Last but certainly not least, consider an air filtration system for your home.  These systems can reduce the amount of dust by as much as 80 or 90%, so you enjoy cleaner, healthier air.  Some air filtration systems integrate with your HVAC system; while pricier, it is a great investment.

Summer is nearly here, have you had your HVAC system inspected?  Whether for maintenance, repairs, or replacement, give our Austin air conditioning professionals a call today.