While it isn’t too cold yet, those uncomfortable temperatures will be here before you know it. Is your furnace in good working order for the upcoming holidays and winter season? It’s always a good idea to check things out before you actually need to use your furnace, as most Austin heating and cooling contractors are super busy once the cold temperatures hit and homeowners realize there’s a problem. We’ve included a few tips that will help you determine if there may be a problem with your furnace before you actually need to use it!

Turn your system on and listen. After it’s been running a while, do you hear any rattling, squealing or booming noises? Furnaces usually operate fairly quietly when everything’s functioning properly. Rattling or booming noises could mean an ignition issue, while squealing could indicate a problem with a belt or a loose component in the motor. If it doesn’t sound right, contact our HVAC experts right away.

What’s that smell? Lots of homeowners notice “funky” smells when they turn on the heat for the first time in winter. Usually it’s just a musty or slightly “burned” smell that goes away quickly and is probably no need for concern. That said, if you smell something that reminds you of rotten eggs, it could be an issue with the gas supply. A damaged heat exchanger could emit a chemical odor. When there’s any type of unusual odor, shut your system off, open up the windows and give us a call. Always better to be safe than sorry!

Once again – change the air filter! While it’s a simple thing to do, many homeowners just forget to change the filter. Yes, it’s a small and inexpensive component of your furnace, but its importance can’t be stressed enough. Your heating system will be safer, operate more efficiently, and you’ll save on heating costs this winter.

Listening, smelling, and just paying attention to your heating system as you begin to use it when temperatures drop can save you a lot of heartache and money. It’s always better to detect a small problem before it becomes a huge (and expensive) headache.

At Schneider Mechanical our Austin heating & cooling professionals take care of all of your maintenance, repair and installation needs. Why settle for less than the best?