In Austin, Texas, Temperatures rarely get below 87 degrees in the summer months, and August can be especially brutal.

If your air conditioning unit is on the fritz, it can make for some horrendous days inside your house. Just one day without air conditioning can lead to seriously high temperatures, and they can be dangerous for vulnerable people living in your home.

This article will talk about some of the warning signs that you should contact an Austin air conditioning repair company. If you don’t have experience as an HVAC worker, we don’t recommend you try to fix a problem yourself, lest you make the issue worse.

Read on for some of the top ways to identify that you need air conditioning and repair.

1. There’s An Unpleasant Smell Coming from Your Air Conditioning Unit

If there’s a foul smell coming from your AC unit, you likely need to call an AC repair service. Foul odors are typically a response to mold build-up being blown into your house or apartment. And if there is mold, there has to be moisture present somewhere inside the unit itself.

A professional can local the mold and remove it. They can also note where the moisture is coming from and stop it from entering the AC so that the cycle won’t continue.

2. It’s Making Weird Noises

Any time your unit makes weird noises, you need to call a professional to have the unit assessed. Weird noises can be from various causes, from loose parts to something stuck in the condenser to a dislocated belt. Trying to fix it yourself can make the problem even worse, so we advise giving us, a professional AC repair company, a call to fix the noise once and for all.

3. You Got a Huge Energy Bill

It’s normal for energy bills to go up in the Texas heat, especially if you’re home often, and turn the AC on whenever you’re there. While energy bills may seem shocking, they should be within the realm of possibility for the amount of energy you used. If your energy bill is a lot higher than it is normally, there is something likely wrong with your AC unit, as it is not running efficiently.

4. Your AC Unit Is Blowing Warm Air

Is warm air coming out of your vents when cold air is supposed to be? If so, this is a serious issue and might mean a problem with restricted airflow or a compressor issue.

Before you give us a call, though, make sure your settings are correct. Did you accidentally turn the heating on? Did you accidentally turn the AC to a temperature that is much higher than you’d desire to have inside? If so, adjust your settings and see if that changes anything. If your settings are normal and hot air is still coming out of the vents, give us a call.

5. Frequent Cycles

During the stifling hot Texas summer months, it’s normal for your air conditioner to go through more frequent cycles. However, it should not be happening near constantly. If you find your air conditioning is going on and off or cycling on and off on a near constant basis, give us a call. This issue can usually be resolved very quickly but must be resolved by a professional AC repair company.

6. Fluid Is Leaking from the Condenser

Have you noticed fluid leaking from your condenser? This fluid is likely something called refrigerant, which helps the AC create cold air. If all of the refrigerants leak out, the AC will no longer create cold air and fan stale air.

Fluid leaking from the condenser usually results from one of the refrigerant lines being hit and broken. This can happen from a nearby branch or tree or someone accidentally hitting it while doing yard work.

This is a fairly straightforward repair and can usually be done in just one quick visit.

7. The Air Conditioner Takes Its Time to Turn On

When you turn on your air conditioner, does it take several minutes to turn on? If it takes more than 30 seconds for the air to start coming out of the vents, there is an issue with the air conditioner.

Before you call a specialist, make sure that you, again, don’t accidentally have the heating on or the wrong buttons pressed.

Usually, this is a problem with the thermostat rather than the air conditioner itself. The thermostat may have bad wiring, or the sensors that tell the AC to go up or down may need a good cleaning.

This can be a problem that can be solved fairly quickly or take a bit of time to correct the wiring. Either way, it should be dealt with by a trained professional who can fix the problem for you during a visit to your home or apartment.

Call Our Austin Air Conditioning Repair Service Should Your Air Conditioner Be Faulty

At our Austin air conditioning repair service, we know how important it is to stay cool in the summer and how potentially dangerous it can be to stay in a hot home. We’re ready to come to your house whenever you need to ensure that your AC is up and running the way it is supposed to be.

Don’t spend another minute sweating when you don’t need to. Call us now to get your air conditioner fixed. You don’t deserve to spend your summer fighting to get cool.