At Schneider Mechanical we’re often asked by Austin-area homeowners about the condensation associated with their air conditioners.  Considering warmer weather is fast approaching, we thought we would address some of the most common questions we receive.

Condensation is actually a sign that your AC system is functioning properly.  It’s normal for your HVAC system to collect moisture (condensation) as it operates during spring and summer months, but how much is normal and what causes it?

First, why does your cooling system produce condensation?

Most homeowners know their AC systems cool the air inside their homes, however some don’t realize it conditions the air by removing a substantial amount of humidity.  In the south, humidity is a huge factor when it comes to comfort; without removing it from your indoor spaces, you would experience sticky, uncomfortable air even though the actual temperature isn’t all that warm.  The evaporator coil in your air conditioning system extracts humidity from the air, which results in condensation within your unit.  When the air is heavy with humidity, you’ll see more condensation.

How much condensation is considered normal?

It all depends on how humid or moist the air is on any given day.  When the air outdoors is dry and comfortable, humidity levels are usually low.  When the air outside leaves you with sweat on your skin and feels smothering even though temperatures aren’t all that warm, humidity levels are higher.  When it’s extremely humid outdoors during summer months in Austin, don’t be surprised to see 10, 15, or even 20 gallons of condensation drained away.

Where does condensation go?

Traditionally, a condensate drain pipe carries the condensation away either through gravity, or with the assistance of  pump.  It’s a good idea to inspect your drain pipe prior to hot summer months to make sure it isn’t clogged so that condensation doesn’t drain back into your air conditioning unit.  If it seems the drain pipe is not discharging or is clogged, contact our HVAC professionals.

Condensation is nothing unusual, and something you should expect to see in central Texas, where the air during spring and summer months is often humid and uncomfortable.  For all of your Austin cooling needs, trust Schneider Mechanical to provide exceptional service and solutions that ensure your comfort.  Contact us today!