Turning the AC way down when you get home will cool it faster . . . over the years, our Austin HVAC experts have heard just about everything when it comes to air conditioning.  With so many myths floating around out there, how do you know what to believe?  We’re covering several of the most popular AC myths below so that you can avoid becoming a victim and perhaps save money on cooling your home.

Let’s start with the first one we mentioned at the beginning of this article.  Turning the AC (thermostat) way down when you come home after a long day will cool it down faster.  NOT!  All that happens when you want the temperature to cool down to 74 degrees so you lower the thermostat to 70 is that your system will run longer.  If it’s 78 degrees and you’re comfortable at 74, set the thermostat to 74 degrees.  It will get there just as quickly as setting the thermostat lower – and you don’t waste energy and money.

The thermostat can be installed anywhere in your home.  This is another misconception, and one that will compromise your family’s comfort.  When a thermostat is placed in an area that’s generally warmer than the rest of your home, the AC will run longer trying to cool the space closest to it.  Sunshine and appliances that generate heat in close proximity to the thermostat is not a good idea.  On the flip side, you don’t want to install the thermostat in an area that’s generally cooler than the rest of your home, such as in a bedroom or small space that will cool down quickly, leaving the rest of your home too warm.  Where the thermostat is installed makes a huge difference not only in terms of comfort, but how much you pay on energy bills.

Running the ceiling fans all day will lower the temperature in your home, reducing the need for air conditioning.  While ceiling fans do circulate the cool air and make it feel more comfortable in the room, they do not lower the temperature in your home.  If you leave the ceiling fans running while you’re away, all you’re accomplishing is using more energy and spending more money.  Turn the ceiling fan on when rooms are actually occupied, otherwise leave them off.

Leave the thermostat where it is when you’re away, rather than bumping it up 8 or 10 degrees.  Lots of homeowners think they will actually spend more by raising the thermostat while they aren’t home because it will have to run longer to cool down when they get home.  The fact is, your system probably won’t work all that hard to cool it back down; raising the thermostat a few degrees while you’re out will actually be more cost-effective.  The best solution is a programmable thermostat which will make it possible for you to adjust the temperature from your smartphone or mobile device before you arrive home.

These are just a few of the common AC myths that often leave Austin homeowners wondering what’s true, and what isn’t.  If you have questions about energy usage and how to save money on cooling costs, our Austin air conditioning professionals are happy to help.  Give Schneider Mechanical a call today!