As the Christmas season rolls in, people look forward to chilly nights and twinkling lights. You probably look forward to spending your evenings burrowed in blankets, drinking hot cocoa after a long day. It’s a time that only comes once a year.

And yet, if you experience HVAC issues, you may not get to enjoy this time. Unfortunately, ’tis also the season for heating and cooling issues for many homeowners. 

To help you prevent this, we’ve included a list of seven signs you should call “HVAC services near me.” Remember, the further into winter you go, the harder it may be to find the best HVAC services. So, check your system to ensure you don’t have these problems today!

1. Short Cycling In Your Air Conditioner

Short cycling is one of the biggest giveaways that it’s time to call HVAC services near me. What does this term mean, exactly?

Short cycling means that your air conditioner turns on for a short time, such as fifteen seconds. Then, it turns off for about five seconds. This cycle continues on and on without repairing itself. 

Why is this a problem? Aside from being annoying, short cycling also stops the system from reaching the temperature you set it to. 

Unfortunately, there are several potential causes for this problem. Typical sources include a poorly sized air conditioning unit and frozen evaporator coils. 

2. Air Conditioner Condenser Leaking

Another indicator that you need air conditioner repair is if you see fluid leaking beside your condenser. In most cases, that fluid is refrigerant

Refrigerant is the fluid that powers your air conditioning process. If your system doesn’t have enough of this fluid, it could stop working at all.

Luckily, though, this is usually a quick fix. An HVAC technician can come to your home and patch the hole that caused the leak. From there, they can refill the system with refrigerant

3. Strange Noises In Air Conditioner

Every air conditioner makes some noises. But, if you’ve spent much time with your air conditioner system on, you can recognize normal sounds from abnormal ones. 

When you start hearing sounds that aren’t normal, your air conditioner probably suffers from some technical problem. The type of problem it indicates depends on the sound you hear. 

Squeaking noises often indicate that you have loose or weathered belts. If you hear grinding or banging sounds, you may have a damaged condenser. Whichever sound you hear, you should call a professional HVAC company to investigate. 

4. Little Cold Air

The telltale sign that your air conditioner isn’t working is when you don’t have enough cold air. After all, an air conditioner’s purpose is to blow cool air. If that’s not happening, there’s a problem with the system.

Fortunately, an HVAC company usually knows how to diagnose and repair the issue. All you have to do is give them a call.

5. Yellow Flame In The Furnace

We’ve talked a lot about air conditioner issues, so we’ll now move on to common furnace problems. One giveaway that your furnace needs some work is if you see a yellow flame inside. 

Several types of furnaces allow you to see the flames inside them. This helps out homeowners since they can see whether something is unusual about their system. 

Typically, your furnace flame should burn blue. If you notice that it’s burning yellow, there’s a problem with the system. Chances are, you have dirt in your burner.

When dirt enters a burner, it prevents the gas and air from combusting correctly. This issue leads to a less efficient flame, which cannot generate enough heat for your home. 

If this problem goes unchecked, it will only get worse. If you notice this yellow flame in your furnace, contact the best HVAC services around.

6. Strange Smells In The Furnace

All furnaces produce smells. It’s a natural consequence of lighting a fire. Over time, you’ll know what kind of smells your furnace spreads. 

If you smell anything abnormal, it’s best to call HVAC services near me immediately. In particular, the smell you should look out for is a gas smell.

If you smell gas in the home, this indicates you have a gas leakage. Do not wait to deal with this. 

A gas leak could turn into an explosion at any time, especially in a furnace system. If you notice a gas smell, evacuate your household and call 911. Once the furnace system shuts down, contact an HVAC specialist to examine the system.

However, gas smells aren’t the only potentially dangerous ones. If you notice burning or metallic smells, these could also indicate problems. Burning smells often stem from dirty air filters or heat exchangers.

Metallic smells usually mean that your system is overheating. Several factors could cause this, but it’s best to call a professional HVAC company regardless.

7. Furnace Short Cycling

As it turns out, short-cycling occurs in furnaces, as well as air conditioner systems. If short cycling persists in your furnace, it results in exaggerated energy expenses and accelerated wear and tear. 

If you allow this to continue, it can cause your furnace’s life expectancy to decline. Replacing a furnace costs a lot of money, so you want your system to last as long as it can. 

Usually, short cycling in a furnace stems from an overheated heat exchanger. But, other factors could cause this as well. So, if you notice this problem occurring, contact an HVAC specialist to examine the system.

Finding HVAC Services Near Me In Austin, TX

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