In Austin and all around the country, HVAC systems are the one component in the home that use the most energy.  Whether cooling your home in summer or heating it in winter months, an inefficient HVAC system will not only compromise your comfort, but result in significantly higher energy costs.  While that’s reason enough to invest in a high-efficiency system, our Austin heating experts have a few other reasons you might want to consider upgrading.

Better indoor air quality.  A larger amount of carbon monoxide may be released with older HVAC systems, putting your family’s safety at risk.  Newer models are equipped to help regulate humidity levels, filter the air you breathe, and help purify it so that there are fewer indoor air contaminants, odors, and more.

Enhanced temperature control.  Many homeowners today regulate the temperature in their homes using their phones, smart thermostats, and other technology.  With high-efficiency HVAC systems you never have to waste energy by cooling or heating rooms that no one is using – and when you’re away or sleeping at night, you’re in control.  When you use less energy, you save in more ways than one considering lower utility bills and longer equipment lifespan.

More friendly for the environment.  Nearly everyone is jumping on the climate control bandwagon, and it’s important to reduce your carbon footprint when you can to protect the environment.  Newer, more energy-efficient HVAC systems use R410A, R32 and other refrigerants that are far more eco-friendly than R-22, which is used in older systems and is being phased out.

Reduced need for frequent repairs.  Whether wiring, electrical, or other component issues, older HVAC systems may need repairs often, whether in summer or winter months.  A newer model not only operates more safely, you won’t be constantly pouring your money into an older, less efficient system.

Quiet operation.  What’s that banging and rattling?  Older heating and cooling systems are notorious for making a lot of noise and disturbing your peace.  Newer HVAC systems operate quietly; in fact, you probably won’t even notice it’s running.

Increase your home’s value.  No, it won’t make your home worth $20,000 more than its current value, but it will make your property more attractive to potential buyers should you ever decide to sell.  An old HVAC system could impact selling price, as buyers consider every detail when making an offer.

These are just a few of the many reasons you should consider upgrading to a new, high-efficiency HVAC system if yours is getting on up there in age.  Whether for replacement, repairs, or routine maintenance, give our Austin HVAC professionals a call today!