Even in Austin and around Central Texas temperatures get uncomfortably cold during winter months. When it’s 100 degrees in mid-summer it’s hard to imagine there will come a time when we’re shivering, but it will. At this point nothing sounds better than turning the heat up and snuggling under a blanket, but what can you do to stay comfortable without sending heating costs through the roof? Our Austin heating contractors have a few tips you’ll find useful.

Take advantage on sunny days. The sun’s radiation is wonderful for warming up your home, so open up the curtains or shades on any windows that face the sun and let it shine in! Be sure to pull down the shade or close curtains as soon as it starts approaching dark to keep warm air inside.

Change the air filter often. When the air filter becomes clogged with dust. dirt, pet dander, hair and other debris, it hinders the flow of heated air. This makes your heating system work harder and run longer, which will result in a higher heating bill. Simple fix!

Make sure the air registers are clear. When your sofa sits over an air register or you have a lot of “stuff” placed around or extremely close to a register, it inhibits good air flow. Essentially, it will take your heater considerably longer to heat up the room, which adds to costs. Make sure air registers aren’t blocked with furniture and have plenty of free space around them.

Is your attic properly insulated? If not, it’s a huge (and expensive) problem. Heated air rises, and without good insulation in the attic a lot of the warm air is going right through the roof! While it may seem like an expensive fix, you’ll spend more over the long-term on heating and cooling bills – and compromise your comfort.

Reverse your ceiling fan, and use it. When you switch your ceiling fan to reverse and put it on low speed, it helps draw down the warm air that rises to the ceiling so you feel more comfortable. Throw on an extra shirt and you’ll be able to stay warm and comfy while switching the thermostat down a couple of degrees.

Fall is here, and winter will be right on its heels. Keep heating costs down this winter with these tips! If it’s time to have your heating system checked to be sure it’s up to speed for the winter, give the Austin HVAC pros at Schneider Mechanical a call today.