Most Texas homeowners depend on their air conditioners as the primary source of comfort during the hot summer months, but no one likes sky-high cooling bills!  While your HVAC system is the most important equipment for keeping your family cool and comfortable when it’s hot outside, there are some things you can do to both increase your comfort and help keep energy costs down.  Our Austin HVAC professionals have a few hacks we think you’ll find useful.

Don’t use appliances that generate heat during peak hours.  Using the oven, stove, or clothes dryer during the afternoon can generate an incredible amount of heat, making your home feel hot and uncomfortable.  When possible, cook meals or do laundry in the early morning hours.  You’ll be more comfortable, and your AC system won’t work double-time in the afternoons trying to counteract the heat from appliances.

Let the ceiling fans do the work.  You can actually feel just as comfortable with the AC set at 76 degrees as you would at 74 degrees simply by using the ceiling fan in the room you occupy.  Ceiling fans circulate the air, making it feel cooler to your skin.  Every degree counts when it comes to how much you pay on energy bills!

Consider reflective solar screens for windows.  Your windows can let in an incredible amount of heat when the sun is shining directly through them.  If you don’t want to use screens or window film, be sure to close the shades, blinds, or curtains to keep the heat out.  You’ll notice a huge difference when the sun isn’t bearing down on your indoor spaces.

Stop the drafts.  Even the tiniest gap or crack around a window, door, or even a window AC unit can let an incredible amount of heat in.  Seal these areas with weatherstripping or caulk – a cheap fix that will increase your comfort and keep cooling costs down.

Regular maintenance is key to your comfort and low energy bills.  The best way to save energy and enjoy comfort on those hot, humid days is to make sure you change your air filters often and have our Austin cooling experts inspect and clean your equipment.  A well cared for HVAC system is one that operates at top efficiency!

For all of your comfort needs count on Schneider Mechanical.  We give our customers the service and satisfaction we would expect in our own homes!