As Austin HVAC professionals we know there are several air conditioning myths many homeowners believe. For instance, all the A/C does is cool the air in your home, right? No. We’ll explain the answer to this question along with enlightening you about other common air conditioning myths.

The bigger your A/C unit the better it will cool. Not so. In fact, a cooling system that’s too large for your home will cycle on and off constantly, which not only results in higher energy costs but wear and tear on your system. When the A/C system is too large for your needs, it will use more power due to frequent cycling. You also won’t enjoy the comfort you would with an HVAC system that’s properly sized.

Your home will cool down faster if you lower the temperature on the thermostat. When it’s brutally hot outside it can be tempting to switch the temperature on the thermostat down to 65 degrees in order to cool your home quickly. The problem is that this is a myth. Regardless of whether it’s set on 60 degrees or 80 degrees, your home won’t cool down from 85 degrees any faster. Set the temperature at a point that’s comfortable for you, and leave it.

Your air conditioner only works to cool the air inside your home. Wrong again! Modern A/C systems not only cool the air, they condition it as well by removing the humidity that can make your home feel sticky and uncomfortable.

You should shut off the vents in rooms that your family doesn’t use. This is one of the big ones, a myth that homeowners have believed for decades. If you shut off the vents in the rooms no one uses, you’ll have a stronger airflow in those rooms you do use and save money. This is completely wrong. All you’re accomplishing by closing the vents off in unused rooms is cooling the air ducts and throwing off the balance of air distribution.

Are you guilty of falling for one or more of these myths? At Schneider Mechanical our goal is to help Austin homeowners enjoy a comfortable home and energy savings while helping you understand the basics of HVAC systems and dispelling the myths. Give us a call today for all of your heating and cooling needs.