As Austin air conditioning installation and repair professionals, we know it’s sometimes tempting to take care of some of the tasks or repairs around your home yourself. After all, you can save some money which is sometimes the primary goal of DIY projects. What about your air conditioning system? Should you try to handle repairs yourself, or call in the experts? We’ve included some information below that may change your mind about trying to handle everything on your own.

Considering the temperatures this time of year are brutal and even deadly, what you don’t want is to face a complete break down of your system or repairs that are beyond what you can handle. For some, no job is too big (or at least you think this, until you find out you’re not equipped to handle the job). Outside of saving yourself some money, there are some compelling reasons to contact an Austin HVAC professional. These include:

Complicated repairs and your safety. Any time there is electricity involved it can be a potentially dangerous situation. The majority of A/C systems run on 220-240 volts of electrical current, something you really don’t want to mess with if you aren’t an electrician or highly trained in this area. Cooling systems are far more complicated and complex than you might think, with countless moving components that make it hard to determine what the problem is.

Could you void your warranty in an effort to take care of repairs yourself? Absolutely. Most cooling systems come with warranties that clearly state any repairs must be made by a certified technician. Try to take care of any repairs yourself and you could end up with even more serious problems. The same goes for your handyman buddy or shade-tree mechanic. Should things not go as you planned, it could result in your warranty being voided by the company which means you’ll face higher repair costs than you would have if you had simply called in an HVAC professional in the first place.

EPA regulations. If your air conditioning system needs additional refrigerant, it is required by law that those who take care of these problems are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency. Again, you could find yourself in a costly situation if you decide to take things into your own hands.

There are lots of things you can take care of yourself around the house, but repairing your air conditioning system isn’t one of them unless it’s something simple like changing the air filter or flipping a breaker switch. At Schneider Mechanical, our Austin cooling and heating professionals work to help you stay comfortable during the hottest season of the year while keeping costs down. For all of your A/C installation or repair needs, give us a call! Customer satisfaction is the foundation of our success; you can rely on our technicians for peace of mind.